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  1. Hello All, Thank you for your input, I just picked up the Hornady reloading manual, and the info there is quite limited to say the least. I purchased some Hornady ammo and some Remington accu tip ammo, the Remington works great and groups the best. I picked up some bullets to load they are Sierra 300 grain SP, Barnes 250 grain HP, and Barnes 275 grain HP. I found data for 250 and 300 grain but no info on 275 grain. Lil gun powder is rare as hen's teeth these days so I'm using IMR 4227, which is very limited on data. I contacted Federal and they said they will be coming out with an offering soon. Don't know how soon though. Thanks again, oilcan72
  2. Hello All, I just acquired a 450 Bushmaster upper, I've been looking for some reloading info on it but not having much luck. Anybody have any leads? Thanks, oilcan72
  3. Nice looking rifle, looking forward to a range report. oilcan72
  4. Thank you for the replies, basically I did what you all said to do cleaned it good, then shot them like normal, then cleaned them good and put away. I kinda figured there wasn't a procedure if the manufacturers didn't mention that in the paperwork that came with the barrels. Thank you, oilcan72
  5. All, I ordered from LG once and it was a positive experience. Maybe I got lucky that time, after hearing about other people having issues with them. I'll just stick to recommended sites just to be safe. oilcan72
  6. Hello Everyone, My question is do these new barrels need a break in or are they just good to go out of the box? Just bought a complete upper from PSA and put about 100 rds through it the other day, not fast but slow to moderate getting it sighted in. I also bought a Windham Weaponry barrel for my A2 build and got it sighted in as well. Does anything special have to be done when shooting them the first time? Thanks, oilcan72
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, I have been shooting left handed my whole life, however I have taught myself to shoot right handed, but it is a little uncomfortable and my right eye does not focus on the sight as well as the left. I can hit the target right handed but not with any precision at all. The funny thing is I've never bought a left handed rifle, whether a bolt action or semi auto, I just adapted to the right handed controls (safety, etc.). oilcan72
  8. I don't think I would buy this ammo even if I had not read the article, I just could never fully trust a plastic cartridge. oilcan72
  9. Those are some great pictures, I can't imagine them just getting tossed like that. oilcan72
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I live near Valparaiso. I'm currently working on my second AR build project, and I'm happy to have joined this forum as I have already learned a lot just from looking around the past day. I look forward to learning more. Thank you, oilcan72
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