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  1. freedom14

    stag varmint

    Yeah thanks'. I just got the gas block friggin thing is unstoppable! runs' like a scalded dog.
  2. freedom14

    stag varmint

    Thanks' Greg you have been a wealth of knowledge to me. I will take your advise again and apply! KENNY
  3. freedom14

    stag varmint

    Greg the reason for the adjustable gas block is to make sure there is to much pressure? And if so how do you know you have it wright just when it starts to cycle? KENNY
  4. freedom14

    stag varmint

    Its never run better! I put a yankee hill block on it to see if sheed go. I will get a BTE now. There is no leakage and the bolt fly's into battery . I think I ended up at .094 Cant thank you enough. Felt good to do it myself.
  5. freedom14

    stag varmint

    Thank you. I thought I screwed up! I will drill the gas port and see how she goes.
  6. freedom14

    MA members - Anyone home?

    New member from lower cape.
  7. freedom14

    stag varmint

    I bought a stag varmint with a 24'' barrel . Had Steve at rose action sports cut a crown it to 18''. Now it is short stroking. There is 4'' of barrel to gas block. Do you think by cutting it there is not enough barrel in front of the gas block for gas to build up? I am new to the AR-15 ' This is my first rifle the 24'' was way to long. I am also new here. I read some posts seems like a cool place!