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  1. Yesterday I took the exact same load I used for the .421 group above and substatuted a Lapua case in place of the A-A case. With everything being the same with the only acception being the cases. The A-A cased load ran 2764 the same load with a Lapua case ran 2799 both loads had a SD of 8. I shot the the A-A cases load with a upped charge of H4895 (28.7). Average velocity was 2801 and the SD still remained at 8. It shot in the mid .6's even with the Magnetto speed attached. I loaded more of them up for today to see how they grouped without the Magnetto speed attached. At 28.7gr of H4895 this is at the top end for my rifle with that powder.
  2. Finally got a break from the game of "Life" today and was able to stop by the range and shoot 20 or so rounds through the .243 LBC. I have been working allot with CFE223 and the 105gr A-Max with exellent results. I sniffed around on same different sites and ended up at the 6mmAR page. So I dug through their data and results and selected a load that used a powder I wanted to try with the 105gr A-Max's (H4895). I wanted to compare it charge weight wise to the CFE223 and see whT the velocity results were. Here's the kicker my barrel is a 22", 8 twist Black Hole .243 LBC. The load I mimicked with the acception of the bullet. They were shooting a 105gr Berger and I was shooting a 105gr A-Max. The load I selected was 28.5gr of H4895, BR4, Lapua case, I'm shooting the older A-A cases which were made by Lapua. The load I selected from the 6mmAR page was being shot from a Bartlein 26" , 4 groove, 8 twist barrel at a velocity of 2777fps. Here's a screen shot of the load I found, I just substituted a 105A-Max in place of the Berger 105. It lists the 28.5 gr H4895gr load along with the velocity and SD and such above. When I got to the range I loaded 5 rounds. Selected a target that was already at the 100 yards line and used what looked to be a .30 cal hole already in the target as my aiming point. I fired a five shot group that measured .421. I then attached the Magnetto speed to get the velocities and to also see again how the attached Magnetto speed affected accuracy AND IT DOES! I then fired five round with the Magnetto speed attached. This group came in at .968. I Looked at the Magnetto speed. Average velocity 2764fps with a SD of 8. That's 13fps slower that the same load from a 26" , 4 groove Bartlein barrel! The smaller group bellow is without the Magnetto speed and the larger group is with the Magnetto attached. On the smaller .421 group the bullet hole under the 5 shot group was my aiming point.
  3. Shot four different loads with the 95gr Berger Hunting VLD's. The one in the photo bellow on the left being the best. 95gr Berger Hunting VLD 32.4gr CFE 223 A-A cases CCI-400 primer 2.235 2999 FPS SD. 5 Right at 1/2" (1/2 MOA)
  4. I ordered more 95gr SST's yesterday. I have some 95gr Berger Hunting VLD's and 100gr Sierra BTSP loaded up for today's range session.
  5. Tried some 95gr SST's today. I found a partial box of them 18 or so bullets left in it. I loaded 9 in A-A cases and 9 in Lapua cases. Same seating depth but different primers. Rem 7 1/2's in the Lapua cases and CCI 450's in the A-A cases. All had the same charge of 32.2gr of CFE223.. Note the considerable difference in groups. The A-A cases with the CCI 450's shot much tighter and the speeds were good, just shy of 3000fps.
  6. Today I decided to give the Hornady cases a try, they weren't as accurate as my loads with the Lapua (A-A) cases but were fairly consistent. With the acception of the third group I shot(Far right group in the photo). For some reason the first round of the 5 shot group didn't eject. I simply manually worked the charging hadle, it took a bit more force than usual but ejected and I then fired the next four for a group. The first shot with the hung up case is the one that went high. All groups with the acception of the one with the flyer were slightly under a inch(1"). 105gr A-Max CFE223 Rem 7 1/2 primers Hornady No neck turn cases 2.300 31.2gr CFE223 Avg 2850 SD.16 31.4gr CFE223 Avg 2874 SD.8 31.6gr CFE223 Avg 2887 SD.13
  7. The A-A head stamped Grendel brass I'm using. I purchased 8 or so years ago. I had picked up a 16" Alexader Arms M4 contour, midlengrh barrel from a guy on one of the forums. It came with the barrel, bolt, dies and 200 new A-A cases. I had forgotten I had the brass until I ran across them while sorting through my brass storage boxes.
  8. Finally got a chance to run my 105gr A-Max loads over the Magnetto Speed. I've found that with my rifle even though the Alexander Arms head stamped brass which is made by Lapua is more accurate with the load I am shooting than the 6.5 Grendel "Lapua" head stamped cases. My bases accuracy load I started with is bellow, it is a solid half MOA load under good conditions and on a solid, steady trigger day for me out to 300 yards which is where I test most loads at. My base load from a 1-8 twist, 22" custom slim (Custom) contour BHW barrel. 5/8-24 thread with a Fortis .308 "RED" muzzle device. 105gr Hornady 31gr CFE223 CCI-450 A-A Cases 2.300 Avg 2801 SD-9 All loads listed bellow shot under 3/4 MOA. I started raising the powder charges by .2 increments. These are the speed results, fairly impressive for a AR. CFE223 powder makes the .243 LBC chambering with the 105gr A-Max a true performer and if one looks in the Hornady reloading manual. The speeds you see bellow are just at about max for published load data from Hornady for the .243 Winchester and the 105gr A-Max. These are the Magnetto speed results for the base load mentioned above, increased by .2 increments. 31.2gr CFE223 Avg 2834 SD13 31.4gr CFE223 Avg 2865 SD6 31.6gr CFE223 Avg "Error" the sensor had slipped forward from recoil. No speed data. Still shot tight. 31.8gr CFE223 Avg 2902 SD12 Some other findings. Using CCI 450 primers gave me 20fps over using the same combo with Remington 7 1/2's on the average but weren't as accurate as the loads using A-A head stamped cases. Using Lapua head stamped cases with the same load gave me 30fps over the A-A(Alexander) head stamped cases on the average in my rifle.
  9. I agree we put a LSR Sentry 7 adjustable on the last 24" .243 LBC and it is a much smoother shooting rifle.
  10. Cleaned the bolt carrier group from the .243 LBC real well today. A adjustable gas block is a must for this chambering. Didn't want to mess with it at the time so just installed a standard Geiselle Super Gas block non-adj. It recoils allot more than all the prior builds I've done with wildcat chamberings and a adjustable. Found that my cam pin was fractured all the way around. I'm surprised it didn't completely fail during the last session. I'm glad I caught it in time before it broke something else. This cam pin is beat to hell for only having 200 rounds on it. Not good for the bolt or carrier group.
  11. Took it out to 300 yards again today. I had cleaned the rifle several days earlier. I finished up by running a patch with a bit of Rem oil on it down the bore and followed it with a dry patch before I put it in the safe. I was running the same 105gr A-Max load as mentioned prior in the thread Got set up on the bench, off the bipod with a rear bag. Dialed 4 MOA up from my 100 yard zero to my 300 yards zero. I knew my cold, clean bore shot would be slightly out. I had steady light breeze right in my face, I knew I would be a little high shooting into the wind and decided not to dial for it. I fired the first round and as expected with the cold, clean oiled bore it was high and left. I then fired the next four and watched them stack up on 20X power through the scope. Ran down to check the group. The last for went slightly over a inch at 300 yards. I need to work on my 95gr Berger VLD load. I fired 18 at 300 yards and they came in at about 3 1/2" total group size for all 18. MOA of deer heart or RockChuck but they just aren't shooting as well as the 105's are in my 8 twist.
  12. Took it out to 300 yards yesterday. I had a series of dots staggered vertical at 300 yards. I left my scope on my 100 yard zero, held the top dot at 300 yards and shot three (3 shot group bottom target in photo) the group printed 12" low at 300 yards with my 100 yard zero. I then dialed up 4 MOA and held the same dot and fired five for a group ( 5 shot group, top target in photo). Slightest right to left breeze in a light rain.
  13. I was a able to make a quick trip to the range today. Conditions were less than ideal, switchy gusting winds up to 10mph or so. 50 degrees with a slight drizzle of rain. This trip was the first go round with the 105gr Hornady A-Max and again, considering all. I was pleased with their performance, all the groups pictured were 5 shots at 100 yards. The 105gr Hornady group, was with a cold clean bore. Fired that group, then the lower left, then the upper left.
  14. Most builds I pretty much attack and they come together fairly quickly. This was one of those builds where parts went in a big box over a period of six months or so as I came across good deals and things were randomly purchased at leasure when it was convenient. I stubbled over the box one day, literally. Dug through it and thought. Heck, there's almost a complete rifle there, I need a barrel and a handguard. So I finished it up. I built this rifle to specifically shoot the 95gr Berger VLDS, with the 105gr Hornady, 100gr Clinch River and 106 Clinch River in mind. I have a 6x6.8 for the lighter stuff. I wanted this rifle to shoot the heavies at distance for long range RockChuck hunting here in Central WA. Here's the build specs: Black Hole Weoponry 22" custom contoured barrel, turned lighter than a standard but heavier than the light contour. Rifle length gas 5/8-24 thread Lancer 16.25" carbon fiber handguard MagPul Key Mod bipod adaptor Harris swivel bipod Viking Tactical Key Mod single point sling attachment(Mounted on handguard) Fortis "RED" muzzle brake/compensator Geiselle Super gas block Nitride gas tube Mega Arms side charger upper receiver NIB bolt carrier. With locally custom machined side charger and install Type 1 bolt Griz Precision billet lower reciever, built like a tank! Anderson Arms lower parts kit CMC 2/2 flat trigger. 2lb first stage, 2lb second stage. No creep, breaks like glass Noveske 60 degree selector/safety Odin Works extended magazine release Spikes Tactical "Spider" grip MagPul PRS .308 buffer spring and buffer, they work better for the LBC & 6.8 SPC wildcat chamberings 30mm AADMount with bubble level and 30 MOA built in Leupold LRT 6.5-20x50, M1 turrets, Mil-Dot reticle. So I can dial in MOA if need be or hold Mils in the optic. Best of both worlds in my opinion. MagPul MS3 sling I didn't have time for a formal range session off the bench with the Magnetto speed and all. I just had to see if it went bang and functioned. So I threw together some loads with Lapua cases, Hornady cases and neck turned Hornady cases. I turned the necks of the Hornady 6.5 Grendel cases with a Sinclair neck turner in their 6.5 form and then necked them down. I broke the barrel in with Hornady 87gr BTHP's and Butches. The barrel as always cleaned up well right out of the gate and I was pleased to see that even with a clean bore the first round was right on the money, which isn't always the norm but always a treat when a barrel Performs like that. I may attribute that to the Mega Arms heavy billet uppers, I have notice that with the side charger or the standard heavy receivers. They are stout and on every build I've used them on they seam to shoot tighter that most other uppers I have used. The range session was a classic Central WA set up. Prone in the boonies on a blanket, off a bipod with the a rear bag. So I was more than pleased with the first groups the rifle produced. Here are a few informal targets, a chunk of cardboard propped up at 110 yards. Some pastors slapped on it and it was go time! The target on the left was 5 rounds with 105gr Hornady BTHP match bullets on top of 31gr of CFE223, Lapua cases @ 2.300 lit with a BR4. I choked the last shot, over thought it and felt it when the trigger broke 😕 The target on the right was 3 rounds with 95gr Berger VLD's, same Load as above but with non neck turned Hornady cases. I could have done better, it was latter into the shooting session and I could tell I wasn't as stable and I had some mirage at 20X. Here's a pic of some of the cases from the 105 Hornady load. I'm looking forward to a formal range session and velocities but more than pleased with the initial results. Here's some pics of the rifle, she may look slim!👊 But she weighs in at 13lbs empty!🤕
  15. I imagine Weatherbys new factory offering, the 6.5-.300 Weatherby would last a little longer. Decided to go ahead and have the barrel chopped down and rechambered to 6.5 GAP(SAUM).
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