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  1. estesrf

    6x45 Builds

    The rifle is built up as: American Spirit Arms side charging upper Adams Arms rifle length piston system Geissele SSA-E trigger Samson Evolution rail Black Hole 1 in 10 6x45 barrel I am using the data from the PDF file. I was trying to stay away from the compressed loads in order to get more consistent velocities. I never have great luck with loads that compress much in other calibers. I am loading up to max for the 2.26 loads in the PDF.
  2. estesrf

    6x45 Builds

    I finally got mine finished, and was able to spend some quality time at the range with her. Accuracy with 8208, H4895 with80 grain bullets was a disappointing at an average of all groups of 1.7". 90 grain loads were a little better at 1.4". I will do some more work with the 90 and 100 grain bullets next week.
  3. YES!!! My barrel should arrive by Tuesday. I have the upper receiver, bolt, and the piston system. All I need is the hand guard and the flash hider crush washer and I am ready to get her assembled. I also have 150 cases sized, trimmed, and primed, several pounds of XBR 8208 and several hundred 85 and 90 gr Sierras and Speers. Good times are coming.
  4. Thanks for the info; I'll just stick with the GI mags I already have on hand. I have several boxes of Speer 90 gr and a box of Sierra 85 gr spitzers ready go reload in my new Redding dies. Wednesday is 8 weeks for me, so my barrel should be coming in the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to load workup and then putting some pork in the freezer.
  5. Anyone tried the HK 416 mags or the PRI 6.8 mags in order to get a 2.3" COL? Was the extra length worth it?
  6. I just ordered my 20" barrel. I am going to mate it to an American Spirit Arms side-charging upper. I see a lot of dead pigs in this barrel's future.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will order the 1 in 9.
  8. I need the help of you 6x45 shooters. I have decided that I need a 6x45 BHW barrel to build an upper for my AR to be a companion for my .243 and 6mm Remington bolt guns. I plan on getting a 20" standard profile barrel and shooting 80-90 grain bullets for hunting deer and pigs. My question is which twist rate should I choose? 1 in 9 or 1 in 10? Any opinions would be appreciated. -Bob
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