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  1. I loaded up some 39SBK and 40VMAX's up to shoot over the chrono today with CFE223. I got all loaded up, got out to the range and realized that I forgot all my .20p and .223 loads at home. I'll have the 39SBK and 40VMAX's loaded with CFE223 and LeverEvolution next saturady or sunday hopefully I was pleasantly surprised that my 7.62x39 AR with a YHM barrel shot a 1.085 3rd group at 100 off the bench with brown bear ammo. Early Doe season is in the first part of October in Kansas and, although it's legal shooting a deer with "anything" centerfire, I dont feel comfortable shooting a deer with a .223 or smaller. I'll probably take the 7.62x39 and some handloads with hornady SST bullets.
  2. hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to try out some leverEvolution and CFE223 in it.
  3. I got a good group out of my gun today after finding the problem......ME!!! I loaded up several groups with WC844 and 39g Blitzkings, Couldn't put anything together. I finally had a friend who was with me putting together clover leaf groups with his .270AR shoot a group out of my gun. This is the result. Shooting 26.3g of WC844 and 35g Bergers.
  4. My buddy just texted me the chrono info and I was wrong about the load. it was 26.5g of H335 of the 32sbk. the three shots clocked in at 4020, 3980, and 3984 about 1 inch group at 100yds. I didn't get around to taking pictures. It was a beautiful day in kansas today, ~65 degrees and 5mph wind. the little range we go to was pretty busy so we didn't get to many rounds between my brother, myself, and a friend. my 20p, my friends 270AR, and my brothers 6.8
  5. I finally was able to shoot over a chrono for a short time today. I too found that my lightest of load rl10x was on the hot side. it was 25g over a 32g sbk. I had flattened and slightly cratered primers. One was stuck in the chamber and had to be mortared out. Thankfully nothing catastrophic. I'm still learning this art of wildcats. As soon as I saw the chrono read 4023 I knew that I was on the hot side. All in all a successful night of 8 different loads.
  6. Dang, you guys are fast!! thanks for the input and I'll definitely be getting one ordered. At the risk of sounding like I have man crush on you, I just have to say that you guys rock, thanks
  7. Finally got and and got some rounds through this thing. I definitely need to get an adjustable gas block. I've had stuck cases about a half dozen times. To the point that I had to get a cleaning rod to push it out. The extractor is slipping off the rim when this happens and it tries to feed another round. Initially when this happened I think that I was load too hot. I started with a .204 ruger load and dropped down 1.5 grains and it was definitely flattening the primers. I have since started using .20 Tactical starting load when I can find load data. I only have a few different bullets right now (40g V-max, 32g nosler bt, and 32g barnes varmint grenade). This morning I loaded up some of the noslers starting at 25g of 8208xbr working up in increments of .3g of 5 rounds up to a max of 26.5. Primers all looked good, but there were 2 casings that had noticeable ejecter swipes. There is a gentleman that shoots quite a lot at my local range that i'm gonna try to catch up with and have him try shooting some groups with this gun for me. I'm a terrible driver of this new toy. Until then I'll keep givin' her hell and see what I can learn as I go. This was one of the only presentable groups that I was able to put together. This is a 2" dot. The shot on the lower left was there from a friend that was with me today. I can definitely see the potential in this thing and if i can improve on my skills I hope to be putting down some coyotes come winter. Greg, can you tell me which side of the BTE adjustable block needs to be accessible to make changes? The Seekins MCSR handguard that I have on is fairly large with lots of holes and slots for access. Thanks, Travis
  8. Do tonight my 17/20 caliber powder showed up. I got 4 different weight charges loaded with benchmark and h335 loaded up. Hopefully I'll have a report to post by this weekend. Still don't have a chrono to test with, so it will be target only!
  9. You betcha!!!! thanks for doing the work and finding that out for us.
  10. Definitely not trying to argue with you, but as far as I know the wft trimmers space off of a specific caliber cartridge shoulder. That's why I thought it would work with that particular trimmer. Please let me know your thoughts.
  11. I definitely will. Once again, thanks for timely, well informed advice. I'm just trying to soak up any/all info that I can get. No fancy blue equipment for me yet, i'm just getting into this. Got the rock solid rockchucker that my dad bought when I was born in '78. On the subject of trimmers. I have a wft .223 that I have been using for the .20. It spaces of of the shoulder so I figured it would work for now. Am I thinking this through correctly?
  12. Once fired .223 decapped, FL sized with rcbs die with expander removed. Then through redding bushing die with .233 bushing, 228, and finally a 225 bushing.
  13. thanks for the response. A loaded neck measures 2.228, so it looks like I'll be sticking with the .225 bushing after all.
  14. I guess life caught up to me and I got a little busy. I was only able to fire about 20 rounds so far. I think I may have a brass sizing issue. On my fired brass, using a hornaday headspace comparator i'm measuring 1.461 to the shoulder. Once i run it through my die it measures 1.451. Does this sound right pushing the shoulder back this far? The sized cases will chamber in my gun, but I have to let the BCG drop from about halfway in order to chamber the round. They are trimmed to 1.75 and were necked down with a .225 die. I have a .226 and .227 on order just because I think the 225 is a little too small, but my .228 is a little large with some of the different brass. Sorry for the simple questions but this is my first go at a wildcat
  15. so as I am fighting the newborn reloading blues, I found a couple more powders. I managed to pick a pound of Benchmark, pound of h335, and a pound of 8208xbr. I ended up using up the rest of my cfe223 on .223 rounds. I still have some 32gr varminator flat based bullets that suck to load. However, I bought some 40gr vmax and some 32gr barnes bullets that should be here in the next 1 to 1.5 months. any loads and COAL that anybody has loaded these up to? GLShooter, would you have a problem with me" PM' ing you with questions?
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