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  1. I realize this thread is somewhat old, but i thought you guys still might be interested in what i was able to find. I am looking for a direct mounting option for DDM4V7 rail and just got off the phone with Midwest Industries. They were beyond helpful. The person i spoke to actually found the part #MI-SS-SA and was measuring it with calipers. He told me that the inside dimension (the edge of one screw hole to the other, so the smallest possible that could be accommodated) measured: 1.157 inches. I was told the outside dimension was: 1.162 inches. Based on this information and the information above in this thread i decided to go ahead and order the part to try it. The person i spoke with at MI advised me to order the part through them because they would take it back if it did not fit. If you guys are interested i will let you know if it fits and post pictures. (My first post by the way, sorry for any mistakes/ wrongdoings)