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  1. tcoz73

    I'm done shopping at Midway USA.

    In an earlier post (#38) I mentioned how poorly a shipment of primers that I ordered about a year ago was packed and the fact that a box had opened and spilled primers all over the packing paper so that when I pulled it out of the box, primers went flying. Yesterday I received an order of 5x1000 primers, 2x1lb powder and 1x8lb powder from MidSouth and unlike the Midway order, I was very impressed with the packing. The boxes of primers were packed tight in their own box and same with the powders. Two boxes within a box with each box stuffed tight with a foil/paper filler to keep things tight. Very nice. Oh, and total shipping was $7.95 plus $26 (not $28.50) hazmat fee.
  2. tcoz73

    I'm done shopping at Midway USA.

    About a year ago I ordered some primers from Midway. They arrived with the 1000 count boxes all wrapped together inside white paper that was just crunched up around them. As I was unwrapping the paper a couple of the boxes opened up and I had about a hundred primers scatter all over the kitchen. It took three days to find all of them and all I kept thinking was what if we had a baby or toddler crawling around in the house. All it would've taken is a small piece of tape to keep the flaps from opening. I called and they apologized and refunded the shipping charges but I haven't ordered from them since.
  3. tcoz73

    Sight in for Home Defense

    In my case I didn't even take home defense into account when I zeroed my sights. I used a 100 yard zero because that's the outdoor distance I most often shoot at. At typical indoor distances it doesn't matter. On a HD gun I think it's more important to have a good light and know how to use it.
  4. tcoz73

    Rifle Jamming

    If you're buying your M1 from the CMP, look at their forum for all you ever wanted to know and more about the "greatest battle implement ever devised". You're gonna love it and you'll be surprised how well you can shoot it with its outstanding iron sights.
  5. tcoz73

    Sent me the wrong barrel. Not even mad

    Here's my similar quandry. I ordered a major brand BCG around Christmas. After the first couple of rounds, the gas key loosened. When I called, they sent another one out immediately along with an emailed return label for the defective one. All was good and then a couple of weeks later, I received another one with an N/C invoice. No way could I keep a $100 BCG that I didn't psy for so I called to tell them. The person on the phone thanked me for my honesty and said they'd mail (why not email this time?) a return label. I had a funny feeling when I got off the phone and sure enough, six weeks have now elapsed and I haven't received the label or any further communication from them. What say you about that? Do I call again or just figure they wanted to reward me for my honesty?
  6. tcoz73

    Headspace questions

    I have a couple seemingly basic questions about headspace.. First, why do many people say that headspacing isn't an issue on the AR platform? Second, how is a too little or too much headspace issue corrected other than trying a different BCG? Thanks in advance for any input you may offer.
  7. tcoz73

    Bullseye Target System

    I don't know about the battery and circuitry but you definitely get a stronger transmitter with the longer versions. After the post from Srgt. Hulka about putting a piece of steel in front of it, I'm leaning toward the Ammo Can version since it sits on the ground and would be easier to shield than one that sits a couple feet off the ground.
  8. tcoz73

    Bullseye Target System

    The ones that I'm considering are the 300yd version in the ammo can for $349 and the 500yd version where the camera sits on a tripod for $449. The key is really in the software and what it does. I'm leaning toward the ammo can strictly because it sits on the ground rather than on a tripod which would make it harder for someone to accidentally shoot, although they offer a $29.95 option that covers any damage for two years, including being shot. https://www.bullseyecamera.com
  9. tcoz73

    Bullseye Target System

    Many thanks for your response. The videos of it look great, but I haven't been able to find anyone who has actually used it until now. Which model do you have? They have one that sits in an ammo can on the ground which seems like it would be harder to accidentally shoot than a camera sitting up on a tripod.
  10. Has anybody used a Bullseye Video Target System?
  11. That was a nice blog article. I swap uppers back and forth a few times during every range outing so the BAD Enhanced Pin Set comes in handy, especially on days when my hands are a little cold (like yesterday) since I don't like to wear full-fingered gloves. I fully agree with you about the ACT as well. It's the best $65 upgrade I've made. I also have the BAD Ambi safety and have one issue with it. I shoot mostly right handed and even though I have the short lever on the right side, it still digs into the base of my trigger finger on recoil. It's not deep enough to draw blood but it's a little uncomfortable and looking at it today, there's still a mark. It must be the way I'm holding the pistol grip, but I'm thinking about just replacing it with the flat selector lever on that side which is too bad because I do use it.
  12. I have the Battle Arms Enhanced TP and PP set and the pivot pin is really tight to get out. About 300 rounds later it's still tight to get out but not as tight to get in.
  13. Plus the cost of the ten detents you'll spray around the room and the five years it'll take off your life trying to get them in. Ha!
  14. I decided to take the shared BCG approach with my 5.56 which had at least 1000 rounds on the clock and my brand new 300 BLK. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well for me. About one out of every 7-10 times, it wouldn't go fully into battery so I decided to end the experiment and buy a dedicated BCG for it. It may very well have worn in to the point where it functioned fine in both uppers, but I didn't want to take a chance on then running into problems with it running in the 5.56 upper. I'm convinced it was a wear issue which makes perfect sense to me. Most people have no problem running one BCG though.
  15. tcoz73

    Lula mag loader

    I have the UpLula pistol one and have used it for 9mm and .45, both single and double stack mags. I don't see why it wouldn't work for .380 either.