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  1. parsky1


    Well I cleaned it with butches and really didn't see a lot off Blue. I ran several wet patches and then let it soak 10min and then came back through with a another soaked patch. Let it sit another 10min and then ran a dry follow by a patch with CLP. There wasn't much blue at all. I used patches, dewey coated rod, dewey brass jag with a guide. I'm shooting Federal Gold Medal 175gr, Vortex Viper FFP 4-16x scope, and an Aadland Scope Mount, 4lb single stage trigger.... and can't seem to get even 1MOA anymore. I shoot off bags and set up so I can hold a nice steady shot. I'll go out and shoot again and see if I see some improvement keeping in mind there will be some foulers. Any thoughts?
  2. parsky1


    I've put about 300 rounds through my 18" BHW rifle length barrel. I've occasionally cleaned with Hoppes #9, but I am noticing the accuracy is falling off. I'm thinking about giving it a good cleaning with Butches Bore Shine with just patches. Hopefully my accuracy will return?
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