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  1. I took a couple of photos of the lower with the SIG dark gray Cerakote but can't figure out how to attach them but if you know what SIG dark gray looks like you can picture it.
  2. What happens if nobody's ticket matches the number drawn?
  3. A little late to the party and a new guy so I "don't know nuttin" as they say but here goes anyway. If your budget is $2250 otd including optic your rifle budget is $1400-1500 based on a seemingly fairly common theory that optics should be 50% or more of the amount paid for the rifle. Between BCM, DD and a few others there seem to be a significant number of high quality rifles available to fit that scenario. Good luck, whatever your decision.
  4. I figured that might be what it was for. And the plastic bag is for the leftover parts I forget to install?
  5. Possibly a dumb question but what am I going to do with the plastic bag and painter's tape?
  6. I got a call a few minutes ago that my lower is Cerakoted. I'll pick it up next week. I've got to get a LPK and am thinking about a Spikes and an ALG trigger. I'll need a grip and stock and probably will go with Magpul. Is there anything else I'm going to need and am not remembering?
  7. I left my receiver today for a Sig dark gray Cerakote. Should get it back in a couple of weeks or so.
  8. I wrote a short note summarizing thoughts and took it to my Congressman's office at lunch. I prefer taking things direct with my signature on the page. They are friendly and receptive and I believe the information is forwarded to the proper people in his office.
  9. I'm taking a lower I finished this week for cerakote. I was going to do black but now I'm thinking gray looks better.
  10. I just bought a 16" upper with complete BCG and flip up sights from them for $425. I think it was a good deal. It may not be a deal of the century but should be good for the rifle I'm putting together as my no particular purpose and no particular use just because I want to put it together rifle.
  11. Well, that's just too bad isn't it. The thing to say to Mexico is, get over it.
  12. I've been shopping online for a LPK for the 80% lower I finished. I've read a lot of reviews and the DPMS kits get a significant portion of negative reviews. I haven't found reviews of Stag or Rock River yet. Any input on consistently better quality LPK's will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I don't know how to attach a photo so it's going to have to remain unseen at least for the moment.
  14. The primary purpose is to become a properly functioning rifle just to show myself and anyone interested that a guy with two left thumbs can make it happen. Beyond that, it will be a plinker/fun/generic rifle. I most likely will never shoot beyond 200 yards. The sensible thing would probably be a 16" BCM to get the no extra charge BCG and muzzle device. It's still appealing to do a 20" with fixed stock just for how it will look though.
  15. So somehow I managed to finish an 80% lower, even with having two left thumbs. I've never done anything like this before so it was a lot of learning. Now I have to decide what I want to do with it. I'm around 95% certain I'm going with a 16" BCM upper but might go with an 18" or 20" and maybe a fixed stock. The immediate question is which LPG to finish the lower and then I can think about uppers and furniture. I'm thinking maybe the ALG ACT trigger as a starting point. Any and all input on any and all parts of building an 80% lower is appreciated.
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