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  1. Thanks for the info guys. Muchly appreciated.
  2. Hmmmm, no one wants to answer? Maybe I picked the wrong website?
  3. Hi, here goes my first post. Just bought a 10mm Witness. Grip says Witness-P-F. Box says Model EA10POLYSPL(L). Has the shorter 3.8" barrel. Double recoil spring so wolff is out I guess. Bought the 18 lb spring and it wont compress enough to lock the slide let alone chamber a round. Bought it because I hate Glocks and just couldn't do the Kimber price. Never saw a S&W 10mm but if the trigger on it is the same as other S&W's I have shot then it would suck as well. I have read about the cracking problems but I do not know if that applies to the shorter barreled version. Anyways, I basically bought it because it is a different cartridge than any I have owned before. I like different. Will be my home defense gun so it won't see tons of use. Just enough occasionally to keep me familiar with how she handles. I am planning on shooting Doubletap 135gr HP'S. Fast, high energy and the lighter bullet should transfer the energy to the target better because of the lighter build. Kinda like shooting a rifle HP or BallisticTip. Transfers all its energy to the deer or elk and usually puts them on their side without any searching. Did I make a mistake buying this pistol with the problems I have read about? Will shooting the lighter bullet offset the problem with the heavier bullets cracking this pistol? Is this the model with the heavier slide design? Thanks, Steve