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  1. KIA and Hyundai cars aren't too bad. I worked at a Hyundai dealership for a few years. I was impressed with how clean the motors stay. At 100k Turd and Chubby (ford and chevy) are spewing oil everywhere. I eventually got myself a Sonata, a 4 cyl. It moved pretty good. It had no trouble going up the mountain from Verde Valley to Flagstaff. But that car was totaled so now I drive a 2012 Malibu. Not a bad car but there are a lot more rattles and oil is starting to seep.
  2. broke_shooter

    So you don't think it's an agenda!? Bert and Ernie

    I watched Sesame Street as a kid and never got the idea that Bert and Ernie were gay. The former writer who said they were gay does have an agenda. Sesame Street and Frank Oz, who created Bert, responded by saying that no, B and E are not gay. Now they're being accused of homophobia. Go figure. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/frank-oz-weighs-sesame-street-writer-saying-bert-ernie-are-n910946
  3. broke_shooter


    I downloaded the DDG browser on my android phone. I've been using Firefox for a few years but overtime it's gotten bloated. I do like the adblocker add-on. Now with the DDG browser there are a few quirks that are starting to get annoying. First is the tabs. When I have more than one tab open the other tabs also change to the latest tab I open. For instance say tab 1 is the armory. I click on a youtube video to open in a new tab in tab 2. After I watch the video and close the tab and return to the armory in tab 1. It goes to youtube instead. If there were three tabs open they would all go to what was in tab 3. Another thing is when scrolling down a page just slowly and casually, all of a sudden the page would race down as if I quickly swiped down the page. With Firefox I didn't get any ads. On DDG browser some ads get through. I forgot there were ads at the beginning of youtube videos. Now I gotta wait 5 seconds before I can skip to the video on almost all vids I watch. These aren't exactly a deal breaker yet but it's getting there. Just annoying first world problems. ETA:Something new just happened. Before I came here to the armory and signed in to make the above post, I was at another forum, a guitar forum I visit regularly. After I made the above post I clicked back to go to the general forum. I clicked on the "surveillance tips" post and was reading that. Part way down someone posted a link to anonomizer, I clicked on that link and it opened in tab 2. After reading a bit I closed tab 2 and went back to tab 1. Instead of coming here to the armory it went back to that guitar forum I was on before. I think I'll just go back to firefox.
  4. broke_shooter

    Finally! An Entertainer I Can Get Behind!

    An anarchist pagan bisexual nerd. Could be intetesting. eta:I don't know if all that is really true. It's just what I found from a quick DDG search.
  5. broke_shooter

    New cordless drill. Milwaukee vs Dewalt vs...

    Pretty much what I read so far is Milwaukee, Makita amd Dewalt. All three have their pros and cons. When I worked for an hvac company installing the sheet metal and ducting I bought the Dewalt 20v max impact brushless drill. I considered the other mentioned brands. The only reason I went with Dewalt was because it came with two 2ah batteries and the charger. The other two brands only came with one battey and a charger. The Dewalt was cheaper with two batteries vs buying an extra battery for the other two. Even with everyday use one battery lasted the full work day. I dropped it a few times with no damage. Its a pretty rugged impact drill. Since then I've added a sawzall, grinder, regular drill and a worksite radio. All using the same two batteries it came with. On different job sites I've seen people use Makita and Milwaukee. They have no complaints. In my opinion it comes down to use. If you're a professional who uses it everyday then I think any of the top three brands will do you good. If it's for home use where you don't use it on a daily basis then I think Rigid is a good choice. My dad has some Rigid tools that all use the same battery. I help him out on home projects and they get the job done. Over a year on his tools and no problems yet. EDITED: I originally wrote "Ryobi" instead of "Rigid". I changed the brand word to what I recommend.
  6. broke_shooter

    Ditch Photobucket

    If you use firefox or chrome there is an add-on you can get that allows you to see the photos. It's called photobucket hotlink 1.3.14 I use it with firefox and can see the pictures just fine, unless they have been moved or deleted.
  7. broke_shooter

    What kind of after range ritual do you have

    Ritual? I guess mine would be to pack up, go home and maybe clean my rifle or maybe not. Depends on how lazy I am or if something else comes up.
  8. broke_shooter

    IMAGES-1942 Japanese-American 'evacuations'

    It doesn't surprise me what the gov can and will do. Look at what they did to the native american population.
  9. broke_shooter

    Read any good books lately?

    I'm currently on book 7. Good read and great series.
  10. broke_shooter

    You should all watch this about Islam.

    Good muslims, bad muslims Good christians, bad christians Good this, good that In the end we will ALL stand before the same God and answer for all our works, deeds, actions and thoughts.
  11. broke_shooter

    Rumor Obama wants to go to war with Syria

    Tin foil hat time. Obama is looking to war so he can stay in office for a third term. Its the only play he has to stay in the oval office.
  12. broke_shooter

    Fonda & Redford: Hollywood's New Welfare Mooches

    Ugh, I don't really hate people but I make an exception for Hanoi jane. I absolutely hate that libtard with a passion. What she did in Vietnam is just discusting. My father is a Vietnam vet as are a few of my uncles. If I ever get the chance to spit in her face I would, a big hocked up, salty, sticky loogy. Maybe someday I'll get the chance to spit on her grave, then piss on it.
  13. broke_shooter

    Tire Problem solved.

    Tire pull. Discount Tire should have taken care of that in the first place through warranty. But since they didn't now they have put on four new tires, which I guess worked out pretty good for you. It's simple customer service that has gone out the window these days. Just for reference I have been an auto tech for 15 years now, so I know how a lot of these places work.
  14. broke_shooter

    Sunday's are made for

    Church and rest. Although I haven't been to church in a couple months, I really need to get back.
  15. broke_shooter

    Whats your favorite war movie.

    There are just too many to list. The ones that come to mind are Full Metal Jacket and Sniper. I especially like all the latest movies where I can look at all the M4A1's and all the goodies they have. I also like alot of the WWII movies. Although some people complain about alot of them not being historically accutate it doesn't bother me. If I want accuracy I'll watch a documentary.