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  1. I wanted to let you guys know there has been an ownership change at the Aumiller Gunshop. I purchased the shop from its previous owner September 1st 2013. We run into our fair share of comments like the ones above and want to assure you we run things differently. We strive to provide excellent customer service, plain and simple. We have an all new, extremely knowledgeable staff. I encourage anyone interested to come in and check us out. We do whatever we can to make your experience a positive one. Make sure to check out some of our other reviews online since the transition last September, or check us out on facebook, to get a better idea of how we are running things. If you ever have any problems or issues with our customer service please don't hesitate to post it here or anywhere else. I definitely want to know about it, because i'm the one who can do something about it. Jon
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