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  1. Belt Fed

    Made an AR15 and AR 10 Vice

    It has morhed a bit, added the AK vice block and the Glock mag block for the AR9, plus cleaning rod and takedown pins. I have used the heck out of it too. Plus drilled holes so it can hang on the rafters of the barn out of the way.
  2. I have one of their piston guns that never has worked right. tried different mags and ammo.
  3. Belt Fed

    SpaceX is launching a Falcon Heavy!!

    That was pretty impressive, especially landing all three boosters. but the advertisment guy should be fired.
  4. Belt Fed


    Buy the M2's, they work fine. if you plan on keeping them loaded the covers are nice for taking the pressure off the feed lips. I've had metal ones loaded for years with no deformation of the lips.
  5. Belt Fed

    Texas House Speaker Kills Constitutional Carry

    The first part I agree with, the second not so much. The libtards want to take away yours and my rights cause they think you and I don't need it, My parents died many years ago and I don't need to be adopted by a bunch of idiots to tell me what I need or don't need. forget all of them I say give em hell. they should be at his door again. sometime ya have to be a bully to keep from getting bullied.
  6. Belt Fed

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Really sad news, may god be with him and his wife.
  7. But the beating she gave me hurt worse than the bullets.
  8. It didn't hurt too much.
  9. Belt Fed

    I Now Have My AR "Creeds"

    You're not the only one, I have a couple rifles that pin is stubborn. I dropped one a while back and haven't a clue where it went. I looked a long time for it. even got a magnet out. luckily I had one in a box. first thing I did was order a few of them for backups.
  10. Belt Fed

    Stoner 63 clone - yeah or nay?

    That sucks. I bet Henry rifles never figured to be making "Assault" lever actions.
  11. Belt Fed

    What is the world coming too.

    They just had this story on TV, the whole family is sick. I didn't catch where they live but I hope it's not here. we get enough teasing about being inbreds.
  12. Belt Fed

    What is the world coming too.

    I'm lost for words on this one. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/grandma-gives-birth-61-gay-son-husband-can-baby-123844293.html
  13. Belt Fed

    AK picture thread

    Thanks, I had to get rid of that original furniture. it was horrible to shoulder and fire.
  14. Belt Fed

    AK picture thread

  15. Belt Fed

    Remington 742 30-06 magazine problem

    Parts for that gun are hard to find, forget about finding any bolt parts. numrich arms used to have a few parts. I hunted with one for years before it seized up. the bolt was wore out and wouldn't lock up. I tried for a long time to find a bolt for it, I even know the gunsmith at the Remington plant here. he told me if I found one it would probably be wore out too. If I still had it I would send you the magazine out of it. If your bolt is fine and it's just a mag problem I would fix it. I got rid of mine when I seen no parts were around to fix it with. I did find one gun that had a good bolt but he wanted as much for it as a new gun would cost. Mine had some sentimental value but not that much. also do not shoot 180 grain bullets out of it.