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  1. Belt Fed

    Remington 742 30-06 magazine problem

    Parts for that gun are hard to find, forget about finding any bolt parts. numrich arms used to have a few parts. I hunted with one for years before it seized up. the bolt was wore out and wouldn't lock up. I tried for a long time to find a bolt for it, I even know the gunsmith at the Remington plant here. he told me if I found one it would probably be wore out too. If I still had it I would send you the magazine out of it. If your bolt is fine and it's just a mag problem I would fix it. I got rid of mine when I seen no parts were around to fix it with. I did find one gun that had a good bolt but he wanted as much for it as a new gun would cost. Mine had some sentimental value but not that much. also do not shoot 180 grain bullets out of it.
  2. Belt Fed

    Great Sling For Less $$

    Slings came in, they lock up good.
  3. Belt Fed

    Great Sling For Less $$

    I ordered four of these slings off Amazon Friday, supposed to be here Tuesday. I will take a couple pics and post. I just hope the QD locks up good.
  4. Belt Fed

    Amend 2 magazines

    They are working on one for the 6.5 Grendel i'm waiting for.
  5. Belt Fed

    Amend 2 magazines

    I've got a couple of them, they work fine.
  6. Belt Fed

    Squib load. This guy got lucky.

    I never owned a hi point, but have shot one of those carbines. it's ugly as all get out but it works and works well. you can get 20 round mags for them. my LGS has one they have had for a while. I could probably get it cheap. I've thought about it just for a truck gun when I go cut wood or fishing.
  7. Belt Fed

    Squib load. This guy got lucky.

    Yes https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/hi-point-carbines/hi-point-380acp-carbine.php
  8. Belt Fed

    Squib load. This guy got lucky.

    also a 380 and 40 S&W
  9. Belt Fed

    Squib load. This guy got lucky.

    Yes, a 45 auto too
  10. Belt Fed

    Projects to be completed

    Nice, you're gonna most of the AR15 platform calibers covered. Do you prefer Keymod rails or that just what was on them. I like Keymod.
  11. Belt Fed

    What would an actual civil war look like in America?

    I am certainly not going to go out and start a civil war, I do not watch liberal newscast either. some broadcast crap that just tries to stir up emotions in us. They would love to see some violence break out that's newsworthy. But I certainly will not turn in any guns, ever. If confiscation was ever ordered would I take violent action against the ones trying collect them? I do not know now. I just hope and pray we never find that out, but the older I get the less I give a shat about making a liberal happy. There can be several types of civil war, ya'll are talking about gun control, but it can be a racial war, whether it's black against white or American against Islam. The more of the Muslims we keep allowing in and electing to office the more likely that will happen. I would hope the American population would all pull together against Islam. but schools and other media is brainwashing our youth. Libtards grow in strength every year as the older gens die off and the brainwashed ones take over. We need to work harder at educating our youth harder than the liberals do, and they are working hard at it. when teachers are allowed to bestow their political belief on our children, then it's going to be a tough go of it. Now my saying we need to educate does not mean teaching our kids hate for another race, but informing them of the differences in religions and their beliefs, also the differences in the human races, and there are differences. Kids should be taught to respect all life but not give in to what you don't believe in. Kids should be taught morals and self respect and respect for their elders and the law. plenty of them never get this. Kids should learn about life at home, not from a liberal teacher. There has been chicken littles crying wolf for many years and they will continue to do so, but seems like the crying has increased ten fold from people easily offended. never have I seen so many people mixed up in what they think is right. another source of our society is the gender neutral folks, why has the population embraced these people? one quick look in your pants tells you what gender you are. like hospitals that can't label a newborns gender until it's old enough to choose. have we lost all control? I don't see none of our issues getting any better or being reversed. Things have changed so much since I was a kid, back then if you dressed your son as a girl then you was labeled as a loon. today it's accepted and rewarded in some cases. now I don't think anyone here thinks that's acceptable behavior, but if you do then you are the one with the problem, not the kid. There is so much more to be said but you guys know the deal. People like us are getting fewer and fewer. Older people are probably going to be the ones most likely to uproar against the left. they have lived a good life and most are like me, they don't give a shat anymore.
  12. Belt Fed

    Stoner 63 clone - yeah or nay?

    If that's what you truly want, I say go for it. sounds like you can just put the regular mag catch back in if you do move somewhere it is legal. Far as the original sights and furniture being different, I wouldn't want to change to newer stuff anyway. i'd want it all original. shoot, they're wanting 800 bucks for that is cut up. http://www.armslist.com/posts/6353689/indiana-gun-parts-for-sale--demilled-stoner-63-parts
  13. Belt Fed

    Stoner 63 clone - yeah or nay?

    What's involved in pinning a magazine? Would it take away the historical value. do you have to change the appearance on it permantley by modding it? be a shame in my book to make a rare rifle something it was not originally.
  14. Belt Fed

    Crime and punishment

    felons in Arkansas can't have a gun. I know two that have been busted for it. I watched them drag a neighbor out in cuffs and took his guns. they are always showing on the news felons busted with guns. I looked this up Under Arkansas law, convicted felons are not allowed to possess a firearm, even for hunting purposes--unless the Governor of Arkansas grants them permission to do so.
  15. Man i'm jealous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q_oWMgfrdc