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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I am going to do more reading, create an excel doc with all the parts then probably post it here before I make the final decision to ensure everything looks good.
  2. Alright perfect. Does the above rifle look good for a beginners first AR? Anything I should adjust for better iron sights? I am reading that I should buy a complete upper because there are special tools needed...as far as the handgrip I doubt I'll find an upper with the foliage green. Is it simple enough to swap them out? Or do they simply sell the uppers minus the hand guard?
  3. Not for staying off the grid -- just to avoid ffl transfer fee and shipping if any that might kill the deal. Based on the above though...I'll buy new. I really like this image I found: Did this person paint the parts, or is that a color that I can buy from the get-go? I like that it, at least for me as a newbie, looks simple and straight forward. I want iron sights, and a lightweight SHTF/HD/range rifle.
  4. In AZ I can buy off backpage and avoid transfer fee's (nothing illegal here) and probably cheaper too (but more beat up?)...Or should I just buy brand new and pick up from an FFL? I am building my first AR-15. Doing a lot of research right now and it looks like my starting point is the lower. I want to build it from scratch and learn everything. There is a bunch of youtube videos and it doesn't seem like you have to a rocket scientist by any stretch. This is a 3-6 month project to help pay for the parts I want. But anyways....it looks like the lower is the first thing I need to buy. So whats the best option here? New or used?
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