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  1. imzardoz

    RCBS Inertia Bullet Puller...

    My old rcbs has the metal handle, looks just like the one you bought. Pulled hundreds over the years. Always hit on a hardwood log.
  2. imzardoz

    Cold Smoked Cheese.....

    Usually I smoke for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Try Colby I like that best. Waiting is the worst part of smoking cheese.
  3. imzardoz

    Whats for Breakfast....

    Home made breakfast sausage, eggs over easy, rye toast, Pete's house blend coffee, grapefruit juice.
  4. imzardoz

    That's all I had for dinner.

    Now that's what I call dinner. Beats the dogs and beans I had.
  5. imzardoz

    Homemade bacon from pork belly

    Man that looks good! Wish I could find pork belly near me. Hate that water filled stuff in the stores.
  6. imzardoz

    Black Hole is now giving Armory members a Discount

    Ordered mine Saturday. Great to have a sponsor like this!