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  1. Mine measures .271 loaded with multiple bullets. Sounds like the loads a little hot or thin primers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. They work great. I have a video of mine on my 243lbc. I'll try to post. The only movement is the bolt sliding momentum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Got out and shot the 243LBC some more today. My choice of the day was 95gr VLD Hunting shooting 8208 powder. 3 shot group at 100yards for now. Speeds were very consistent and I'm happy with the velocity. Thanks Greg for the help now to build a varmint load.
  4. Went out and shot the 253lbc today and I'm going to run the 90 gr accubonds for deer getting 2945 for my average speed with 8208 on a three shot group it ran about an 1-1/2" group think I might bump the powder and run some ladder tests.
  5. Nope had a little issue with head space had a type 2 bolt and my barrel needs a type one now that I got that fixed it's restart on the load data. I'll get some up after I run this thing over my magneto speed
  6. I just got done with my 243lbc build was woundering if any body has gotten proven loads they're be willing to inform me on. As of now I'm running 8208 @ 28gr and a 95 gr balistic silvertip I have some 105 Hornaday match I'm going to try and some 90 gr accubonds and the old 87 gr interlock
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