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  1. I hope by now you understand where I am coming from and that I am not a smug pile o shat. Alls we can do is type so sometimes I think people read what people write and interpret things in their own minds, sometimes resulting in insecure reactions or misinterpretations. I cannot help that. I am just an everyday average civilian who beleives in the second amendment, I am nothing special, I have some talent behind the gun but thats it. There is always someone else out there better than you/me. I dont understand why SOME people on forums take things so personally. Its like they live their entire lives on these forums and are just looking for a fight. I am not. I seek information and it is nice to talk with you guys when i get the chance. You can ban me if you like. I would rather not. I would like if everyone offended by whatever I said re-read what ever I have wrote, open your mind a bit and think to your self "i can take this 1 of 2 ways, either runngun is an a-hole and is calling me out OR this is just the way he communicates. I am just passing on knowledge that was passed to me from in my opinion the best carbine operator in the industry. T. Haley. Everything he teaches to me in my opinion is correct and if you think about what he says if you get the opportunity to listen to him or maybe youtube him if you want i am sure there are videos out there (i saw him run 1-5 in 2.13 sec one time on youtube it was awsome) really listen to what he has to say and try and disconnect from total doctrine mindset. Like I said the world is not absolute so practice strong hand support hand slingshot slide release with slide release, practice every possible scenerio and i promise you will never get bored at the range. someone said a smart ass remark about picking up a psychology book but thats ok. you really should pick one up and read how the human body reacts under stress and train under as much stress as you can, and your fine motor skills will not degrade under stress. you may crush grip things during stress but everytime you shoot, crushgrip your pistol grip just as if you were in a stressful situation. when practicing you have total control over the situation so take advantage of it keep an open mind and have fun.
  2. "You decide to step in here and tell us how we don't know shat," I never once said that you dont know shat (shat). I respect my elders and respect those who currently serve and carry a badge and those who have served in the past.
  3. Lets do it. I have no reason to be hostile but if you insist. I dont wear gloves. I never said you know nothing but you are obviously bothered that there are more dynamic ways of shooting now days. That was what I was taught through the courses. I will not discuss my military record on this forum. I am a RE-4 discharge under honorable cirumstances. I went in with a retina that pretty much exploded a few years prior to my entry. It was fine, then suddenly my retina started to bleed again while running one day dont know the technical terms for it but it was cause by cat scratch disease. I couldnt pass an eye exam when they noticed my eye sight in one of my eyes was going down hill. It crushed me that I had to be discharged. So I was medically discharged as a 307 I believe..there were 307's and 311's. I think 311's were like mental cases or something. I sold my colt and didnt think to mention it. When i got my bcm there was no need to have 2 ar's. besides I feel that a 16 inch barrel with a 7 inch gas system was never meant to be. I can afford a rail but I dont want one I like the moe handgaurd and it suites my needs. I can attatch whatever I want to it so why add weight (rail) when what I have works perfectly well. I see it as instead of spending 300 bucks on a rail use it on something else like reloading supplies or ammo or whatever. No need to replace something that functions perfectly well.Now you all think I am some liar and I am sorry you feel that way. Everything I have said is truth. I am well trained and it is just a HOBBY to me. I love going out and running around with my buddies who also have taken some courses and practicing and critiquing my self. Sorry I offend you. I probobly could have stated some of the things I have said in a better more constructive way. When I said "if you can afford the course" one of you took that to heat like I am rich and you are poor. That is not the case in fact I am poor and have to save for months to do courses or special events. Again I am sorry, that is all you get for my military record; I am a medical honorable RE-4 discharge and that sucks. My eye is much better now days. I dont know what else to say. Keep the gloves on I am not your enemy. I have no criminal record nor have I taken part in any criminal act. I shoot guns every weekend as a hobby because it is fun and I love it with all my heart it is my passion.
  4. Wow. Dont feel insecure. I meant its expensive I could barely afford it. Took a long time to save up for it..I am speechless. Not everybody can spen 750 bucks for a course let alone 2 and the ammo required for the course. I never assumed anyone was poor. Relax.
  5. Ya well who knows just going by what I have witnessed. They r great rounds. A recall would cost them lots of money
  6. I will discuss no such thing. Not comfortable with giving that information. I am an RE-4 discharge because of an eye injury. Honorably of course that's all you get. Once again sorry for being dickish but wut I speak is truth about the training with handgun. Nothing is absolute and u may have to adapt to certain situations didn't mean to make any one feel bad. So I am sorry
  7. OK thanks. I can run a 1-5 drill in 2.6 with all A hits I'll prove it when I get my camera back fr go pro. Read about what Travis halt teaches if u can't afford his course
  8. 4 years military that am not going to share over the net. Did magpul carbine 1 and 2 and some other generic courses. I just go by what Chris and Travis teach. Sorry to offend u. I'm working I'll respond later. Sorry if I came off as a prick.
  9. When Im building a rifle. only own one. it needs to be the best on the market because i sling a lot of lead down range. with a tiny profile or flutted barrel you are going to have shorter barrel life period. unless ur a bench shooter and really dont "use" your weapon as it was inteded to be used. I know I will get negative feedback on my comment but I know a light weightprofile barrel life span is about 30 percent maybe a little more compared to heavy or gov't profile barrel. they are inherently lest accurate with follow up shots due to the barrel whip will be substantially more than a standard profile barrel. ya it heats up faster but wait it cools faster too so their good to go...not the case. the fact that they heat up faster, way faster, your throat will errode very quickly looosing velocity and accuracy.
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