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  1. LOL!~ Whoops, my bad... didn't catch that image of the scoped rifle. No front sight... need to adjust your scope then! Either way... With that 25/100 zeroing target; you aim for center mass of the silhouette and you should be hitting within the dotted circle below. If your scope has 1/4 MOA adjustments, I think you need to come down 8 clicks from what I see. If you cant focus at 25, look for the similar 50/100 zeroing targets, and try it at 50 yards/meters.
  2. No disrespect; but with that target at 25 meters aiming at the large crosshair in the torso, all shots should be in that dotted circle and a pattern about the size of a dime. You are currently shooting about 2 MOA according to this target. It appears that you need to raise your front sight
  3. ...And to think some people say checking headspace isn't necessary on todays AR platform! We'll be looking for your updates!
  4. As a prospective BHW barrel buyer, it is refreshing to see great old fashioned customer service and support here! Nice to know BHW will stand behind their product even months after the fact! Commochief: please keep us all informed as to your progress on this issue and whatever resolution happens!
  5. Greg: If I may try to paraphrase, you're saying that if I intend to use this for 3 gun, then the threaded barrel with comp will definitely be an asset. If only for target/bulls eye shooting then go with straight crown? Is that a good summation? Therefore if I want to have a compromise at best of both bench rest target competition and 3 gun, I'd probably be better off with the 16" threaded barrel over the 18" crown only? As for weight... While I'd like to keep it down as much as possible, weight isn't the primary concern. Performance is... If I could have both it'd be great! Thanks for all the help!
  6. Greg: What would you suggest? I'd like to be able to shoot heavy projectiles for competitions and varmints, and lighter more economical ones for plinking and "friendly" competitions with friends. I was looking at a SS 16" with threads, but would an 18" with a competition crown and no threads be any more accurate? I have every other component for this build... just been waiting and researching during these hot summer months. I be ready to pull the trigger on this order in 4-6 weeks! I'd also like to keep this as light as possible without sacrificing any accuracy. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jonathan
  7. According to the BHW order page you can get 1:7 twist, my previous build is a 1:7 and it shoots both 55-62 and heavy 75-77gr very well. However the Recce does use the 1:8 twist, so a few things to consider before I order in 4-6 weeks!
  8. Now that's not a bad idea at all! Screw the fh and get an 18"... hmmmmm
  9. Curious why you guys didn't go with 1:7 twist instead? <-- It's better for those heavier bullet weights ???
  10. Just curious how much was that sticker if it came with a free SS barrel? LOL!
  11. What was the outcome of this head spacing issue?
  12. Boy those groups have me drooling over the thought of placing my order for a BHW barrel! I wont be able to swing it until the end of September to Mid October, but I cannot wait to finish my current Recce build using a BHW barrel!
  13. I realize that the official Recce used by the seals was an 16" with a carbine length gas system, but I really love my mid length gas system on my previous build. What 16" match grade / mid length gas system should I go with? In your opinions? I am looking for sub MOA accuracy out of this from the bench/prone! I have every other part now, only missing the barrel... been putting this off for the summer since all the areas I usually visit are under fire closure. But I am starting to think about fall and winter shooting!
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