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  1. I will probably add a 308 rifle to my collection eventually. First I have to re-coop the cash I spent on my AR15 lol.
  2. I was talking about my AR15 purchase with some friends the other day. I told them that this was my first rifle. I have plenty of handguns but this is my first AR. One guy mentioned that I should have bought an 308 platform and from there on the debate started between all of them lol. I later googled 308 vs 223 and geez what a debate. Man there are 100s of forums on this topic. Why? What started this?
  3. Thanks. I thought they would be great for range. minimal reloading lol.
  4. Hey guys. I have another magazine question. Has anyone ever purchased or have a 40-42 round magazine for the AR? If so, let me know what you think of them. thanks.
  5. I sure am getting a lot on info. I have learned quite a bit. The magazine which came with my AR is an aluminum one. I still have not fired it yet, hopefully this upcoming weekend.
  6. Can you call a magazine a clip? lol. I was told not to, unless I want to sound ghetto.
  7. So P-mags it is. I am going to purchase a few. I noticed that P-mags come in different price ranges, from 20 dollars to about 10 dollars. What is the main difference between these mags? The spring? the quality of polymer? Or is it just because of the brand? Will a 20 dollar one be good enough? Sorry for the questions.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. So P-mags are polymer mags? So p-mags and aluminum mags wil work the same? It's just a matter of aesthetics and preference?
  9. Hello everyone I just purchased an Rock River AR 15. I have several handguns. This AR is my first rifle. I have not fired it yet. I have read the manual and have seen many tutorials on youtube. I want to purchase a few extra mags. Any advice on which brand or type? Does it have to be the Rock River brand? Are most mags for the Ar the same/compatible? Also where is best place to purchase? Thanks guys.
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