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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I am not having any problems with any of my 4 ARs at the present, but you know how it is, you always want to improve. I have a 20" 6.8spc and a recently completed and yet unfired 20" 5.56 that I would like to see if I could make nail drivers out of. The 6.8 is accurate as it is, but I have never lapped an upper and was wondering the possible improvements from such.
  2. Sure you wouldn't rather dine out by the intercoastal instead?
  3. OK, I'm going to take advantage of ya,lls vast wealth of knowledge here. Who makes a decent strap wrench that you can put a little effort on without it breaking? I've been working with a Hogue free float handguard and have broke two strap wrenches. I had what I thought was a pretty decent Klein 12" wrench, but the stitching broke when I finally indexed the gas tube. One thing about strap wrenches, there is little opportunity to over torque with one. Thanks for any recommendations.
  4. I have been reloading and shooting competitively since 1969. Bought my first Black Rifle ten years ago and now have two 5.56 16"ERS, one 6.8 and a 20" 5.56 under construction. Look forward to learning here.
  5. Too much chatter on the AR group on FB.
  6. Nice assortment! I waiting to find that place that sells rifle length hand guards cheap.
  7. Thanks. I thought about the gas tube indexing part of that too. That could help get to the correct torque on the barrel nut too.
  8. I'm a newbie to the forum and have a question. I am in the middle of a new upper build and putting new hand guards on three other ARs. My question is it worth my time and $$ to lap all the receivers while I have the barrels off?? Should I see an increase in accuracy from lapping the uppers? Not that it matters but two are 5.56, one a 6.8 and the new one is a 20" 5.56. Thanks
  9. Hi Folks. Thanks for letting me join in. Right off the bat I have a Question. I am changing the forearms and working on a new AR 20" build too. My question is, has anyone really noticed increased accuracy by lapping the receiver prior to reinstalling the barrel?? I would like to know if it is worth the $$ and effort to lap the receiver? Thanks
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