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  1. fr0st3dflake

    Geissele trigger issue

    Thats what I always thought too in regards to the legs of the hammer spring. And I had read the same thing but I dont get how that could be. The holes for the pins are milled into the reciever so how could one set of pins be different size than the other o_O yeah thats the next step I just wanted to make sure their wasnt something stupid I wasn't doing
  2. fr0st3dflake

    Geissele trigger issue

    I have a question for those far more intelligent than I. I have a geissele super dynamic combat in one of my builds and I love it but, each time I've shot it the pin holding the trigger in place "walks out of the gun" so one end of the pin is completely in the lower reciever and the other side protruding out from it. Every 100ish rounds I have to push the pin back in. It's done this with two different recievers (spikes forged, POF Billet) and I replaced the pin once. Same result. Here's the question now, can I put some KNS pins on it to stop this? I read somewhere never to use them with a 2 stage trigger and specifically not with geissele triggers. Anyone have any experience with this issue?
  3. fr0st3dflake

    BCM vs Daniel Defense Upper

    Went to the gun shop and they were sold out of the DD! Picked up a complete Troy Industries upper at the gun show tho for $700 which I think is okay. Its a 16" barrel with a 13" Alpha rail and their medieval muzzle break. I know Troy is pretty new to the upper game but I thought that was a solid price so I'll try it out and see how it works! would upload a pic but I'm not sure how to do it on here haha
  4. fr0st3dflake

    BCM vs Daniel Defense Upper

    Awesome thanks everyone for the input! Went to the shop and they had just sold their last DD upper! Luckily there's a gun show this weekend so hopefully I'll find something there!
  5. fr0st3dflake

    New AR owner help me prioritize my purchases

    this! after your list this needs to be your next major purchase. so if SHTF you hit that s**t right back!
  6. hey everyone who is smarter/has more experience than me! Posted a few months back about a pistol build that has now turned into a rifle build! finished the lower a few weeks back (Spikes Honey Badger stripped lower, CMMG LPK, Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard, Geiselle Super Dynamic Combat trigger, Magpul Bad Lever, Magpul MIAD grip, Vltor 7 position buffer tube, Vltor buffer/buffer spring and Magpul ACS-L Stock) and now am debating my upper. I had originally planned to build everything on this gun including upper but it seems like there can be issues with headspacing and whatnot and would prefer not to blow up my rifle and myself if I messed up installing my upper. I want a direct impingement system over piston. A shop in my area has a Daniel Defense 16" upper with their 15" lite keymod rail system on it for 950, BCG and charging handle included. That's a bit pricey but as you can see from the lower, price isnt my number one concern. Everybody on here seems to swear by BCM and they have a couple of uppers I like for around 750 (although theyre rarely in stock) so my question is, should I pay the extra 200 and go DD or wait til BCM is in stock and save some money? Is Daniel Defense really that much better or are you paying for the brand name? Or if there is some fantastic upper for around a grand I havent even been considering please enlighten me AR Guru's! thanks in advance
  7. fr0st3dflake

    Where to Shoot, West Valley

    go off miller north of the freeway down a ways and ive never had a problem. that being said i live where jackrabbit dead ends north of camelback and have never had a problem finding a spot to shoot in the desert after a 5 minute quad ride ;p
  8. fr0st3dflake

    Need some AR-15 parts info in AZ...

    I'm far west valley but will gladly make the trek out to Merchant Firearms in Chandler. (I assume becuase it's off chandler road but it's a phx address, idk the east side) Really a great selection have gotten everything for current build but lower for them. Most things seem to be marginally cheaper than msrp and the service is truly top notch and the staff seems very knowledgable. Don't like the drive but in this day in age I appreciate the service. As far as products go all top notch stuff, great selection of triggers I got my Giessele from them but noticed some Elftmann (not the double trigger monstrosity), timney and a few cnc triggers, I know they sell all small parts by themselves as I've lost more detent springs than I care to admit. Great selection of NFA goodies too and appear to be the valleys authority on form 4 transfers and whatnot. I am generally a grouchy cynic but as the review shows, these guys made an impression on me
  9. fr0st3dflake

    new gun set up, need opinions.

    As mentioned above, I would throw the extra coin out for a trijicon acog instead of a magnifier and eotech
  10. fr0st3dflake

    AR 15 build help newbie

    What is your budget? If accuracy is a key factor daniel defense cold hammer forged is my go to. You could order just the barrel and assemble yourself or go with a complete DD upper and bolt on darn near perfection
  11. fr0st3dflake

    Ordered a BCM upper

    I would suggest upgrading the trigger, you said you're not a big rifle shooter but being a firearms guy you will still be able appreciate the upgraded trigger
  12. fr0st3dflake

    What skills needed for a build?

    Just built my first lower last night. As others have said if I can do it, truly anybody can. I think just the title of "building" a lower is what inspires fear in the heart of men. Think of it as "assembling." Go slow, follow a video and be careful. before you know it, Whammy!, lower.
  13. fr0st3dflake

    Pistol/SBR/New Build Questions

    Thanks for that! Will probably look elsewhere than now! Any input on the quality of spikes barrels/uppers? Missed that auction really appreciate the input so far though guys! Picked up a Geissele Super Dynamic Combat trigger and CMMG LPK from my local shop yesterday so very excited to get my project underway!
  14. fr0st3dflake

    Pistol/SBR/New Build Questions

    CQB https://www.troyind.com/products/10-cqb-upper-receiver-fde M7 https://www.troyind.com/products/m7-upper-receiver-only-blk thanks for the advice with the SBR! might have to do that!
  15. fr0st3dflake

    Pistol/SBR/New Build Questions

    oh my bad! forgot to say it was not their double trigger one I was messing with! it was their match trigger I believe! the double trigger could lead you to a pot of gold and create world peace but I still wouldnt put it on any of my rifles just out of principle haha