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  1. No, universal as in capable of finishing off any AR15 lower either forged or billet. There is no .308 AR15, .308 is an AR10 and is a totally different receiver. The AR10 jig is larger in order to fit the bigger AR10 receivers and is not interchangeable with any AR15 jig componenets
  2. Take a look at the forearms from MI before you decide. Excellent quality at a decent price. especially their gen 2 SS series http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/forend-amp-handguard-parts/handguards-amp-rails/index.htm?avs|Make_3=AR-15zz1zzM4&avs|Manufacturer_1=midwest%20industries%2C%20inc.
  3. Very simple to install, they even include the wrench.
  4. I like the one used in this thread. http://ar15armory.com/forums/topic/154893-another-one-down/
  5. Very nice. I really like the midwest industries gen 2 forearms, I've used those on the last two ARs that I put together. Solid, high quality piece and it wont break the bank.
  6. Flash hiders are illegal in MA. You must use a compensater or a brake.in MA and it must be permanently attached (pinned, welded or silver soldered) in order to be legal.
  7. I have a few ARs with high end triggers in them including triggers from Jewel and Accuracy Speaks. I put a Giessele in a rifle I built recently, I like it as much as any AR trigger I have ever shot. There will be more in my future.
  8. If you build enough of them, eventually You will run into a combination that will not HS correctly. It has happened to Me twice. The most recent was about a year ago. I bought a BCG that would not close on a go in the build I was doing. Turned out that this brand new BCG would only HS correctly in 2 of the 5 ARs I tried it in. I ended up using it in one of those two, which was OK since the BCG I took out of that one spaced correctly in the new build I was doing.
  9. I will exchange it no problem if that's what you want. We don't do local sales anymore so it will need to be done through shipping. With that said, it is not chips in the hole. The white powder comes from the anodizing process. It is basically just aluminum oxide powder in the hole. It gets cleaned during anodizing but occasionally some of them have more then others and this can happen. It's very rare. All you would need to do is use some water or spin a drill bit in your fingers like someone above mentioned. It would come right out. Many other lowers on the market have shorter spring detent holes and you actually need to cut the spring for it to fit.
  10. Gone until next year!
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys! We are serious about customer service.
  12. We are also offering an introductory deal for all AR-308 / AR-10 products. Use coupon code 308DEAL for 10% off all these products. Enjoy!
  13. Modulus Arms is proud to announce the release of the easiest and most accurate universal AR-308 / AR-10 lower jig on the market to date. These jigs are in stock and ready to ship NOW. If your lower can accommodate a standard AR-308 / AR-10 upper, it can be used to with the Modulus Arms AR-308 / AR-10 80% jig. If it doesn't, send the jig and your lower back to us, and we will make your Modulus Arms jig work with your lower at no cost to you! See Universal Compatibility Guarantee for more details! - NO DRILL PRESS REQUIRED - Comprehensive printed instructions and instructional video series - Universal Compatibility Guarantee Key Features: Universal Compatibility Guarantee: If you find that a Modulus Arms jig is incompatible with your metal 80% AAR-308/AR-10 lower, please send both the Modulus Arms jig and the incompatible lower back to Modulus Arms. Modulus Arms will modify your jig to fit to your lower, and return everything to you at Modulus Arms' expense. If the jig cannot be modified to fit your billet, Modulus Arms will return your lower at Modulus Arms' expense, along with a full cash refund. Safer and Faster: The Modulus Arms AR-308/ AR-10 Jig accommodates the use of a router, for safer and faster machining, limiting the use of traditional handheld drills to remove material. More Accurate: The drill bit depth gauges included with every Modulus Arms AR-308 / AR-10 Jig take the guess work out of drilling into your lower receiver, minimizing the opportunity for mistakes. Construction: Professionally Engineered Design: The Modulus Arms AR-308 / AR-10 Lower Receiver Jig is designed and CNC machined by a team of mechanical engineers with decades of experience. Superior Construction: Precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum, with Type II Red MIL-A-8625 Anodized finish. We are offering the jig under a special introductory price.Package deal quantities are limited. Universal AR-308 / AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Jig by Modulus Arms Modulus Arms Universal AR-308 / AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Jig + 80% AR-308 Lower Receiver Package Jig tool kits containing each of the required drill bits and end mill are also available to take every last bit of guess work out of finishing your lower with total precision and accuracy! Works with both AR-15 and AR-308 / AR-10 Jigs! For more in-depth product information, please view our Jig Features and Jig Instructions pages. Please do not hesitate to send us a PM or email us at sales@modulusarms.com with any questions or comments. Thank You!
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