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  1. Good morning. I’m up too early for my first day off in two weeks.
  2. I may have also threatened to staple any further over draft fees to the branch managers for head. It was a heated moment😂
  3. Best part was when I yelled at the branch manager “ I KNOW THEY SAY BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO,BUT IM CERTAIN THEY WERENT TALKING ABOUT A GOD D#$@$D BANK!” That was about the end of the conversation.
  4. I cut ties with big banks years ago. Boa,was a particularly interesting experience. I had to close my account with them three times. Closed my account the first time & a month later I got an account over drawn notice. When I went in to explain to them that I’d closed my account they were happy to close my account when I paid my over draft fees from maintains my account. After I explained that I couldn’t have over draft fees because I didn’t have an account with them them were happy to close my account. And a month later the same. Same routine. A month later the same. After three times I finally had a meeting with the branch manager,who was happy to close my account after I paid my over draft fees. I got loud & angry & once again explained that I didn’t have an account with them. They finally got the message & closed my account after three tries. They were clearly doing this on purpose & it only ended when I got angry &a started yelling. It’s a shady operation. All big banks are. I won’t even go into the hell I experienced with us bank.
  5. The current use of most masks is to make the wearer feel superior & keep the public in a state of fear. It may also serve as an indicator of of the low iq or gullibility of the person wearing a mask. Note that the already low iq of the wearer must be halved if they are wearing more than one mask or are wearing a mask while alone in a vehicle.
  6. Tough spot,but truly good friends are really tough to come by & everyone has that one or two things that will irk you. No doubt there’s a thing or two about yo that rubs this guy the wrong way. For me,I weigh the good against the bad. Sounds like he’s a very standup guy minus this unfortunate trait he has. Not being a vet,I obviously cant identify with the feelings that you harbor about this,but certainly understand them. Sounds lame,but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  7. Congrats. I still remember when you sent me a bottle of hot sauce. It was a truly nice gesture out of the blue. Keep on.
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