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  1. Lylelovett666

    Drunk Russian Capetian Crashes Into Bridge......

    As one who works on boats & has dealt with going under bridges that appear close to being too low,this guy screwed the pooch royally. He wasn’t even close & it was blatantly obvious that he was never going to get anywhere near clearing the bridge. The whole crew must have been soused because any bridge we even think is remotely close gets two or three of us up top & if necessary someone goes up on the mast to get an in by inch perspective.
  2. Lylelovett666

    The straw that may have broken the camel's back.

    I have dear friends that are very progressive. We have a deep mutual love for each other & agreed many years ago that politics would not be a subject that would be discussed. It’s the almost the only way to maintain a relationship with someone with whom you have very opposing view points.ironically I work with people & have customers with whom I disagree on nearly every subject & they seem to love mixing it up with me on politics. It seems to be a matter of the personal with people. My customers & co workers are a bit detached from it all while my friends feel it’s a personal affront to their beliefs if I don’t agree. I suppose it comes down to a matter of intimacy. Friends just seem to feel it deeper & feel more cut if you prove them wrong. Easiest to just avoid the subject.
  3. Lylelovett666

    Giant Amazon spider dragging opossum

    Funny that big,hairy spiders don’t bother me,but a spider the size of a nickel puts me on edge. The part about a coral snake being eaten by a centipede is horrifying. Coral snakes are in the cobra family & it seems unfathomable that something with so much punch could be taken down by a centipede. They scare the $&*# out of me.
  4. Lylelovett666

    I ran in to a woke person today

    I remember that look fondly from when I would wear my f Obama pin.
  5. Lylelovett666

    Oh Happy Day.....Golden Mag Pull

    I had no idea the Liberace estate was producing gun accessories.
  6. Lylelovett666

    Would you support a Trump war in Venezuela?

    Enough. Let these people sort out their own problems.
  7. Lylelovett666

    Sleeping habits

    This is how I function. As a teen I could sleep ten hours no problem. When I got into my mid twenties six hours or so became my norm. Went to bed at 4am last night & was up at 10:30. If I’d gone to bed at 2am I’d have been awake between 8:00 & 8:30. It’s like clockwork. Never nap either. My body just won’t let me nap. I’ve always been jealous of people who can nap.
  8. Lylelovett666

    Peter Tork of The Monkees dead at 77

    They had a lot of good music. Sorry to see him go.
  9. Lylelovett666

    Stop Rumpy before he does something stupid......

    Seems like a perfectly rational thing to do. Of course I’m heavy drugs so my judgement may be impaired.
  10. Lylelovett666

    In for my 2000 mile tuneup.

    I’m not quite there yet,but a few more weeks & I’ll definitely be ready.
  11. Lylelovett666

    In for my 2000 mile tuneup.

    I’m not sure if it’s gotten quieter or I’m just getting used to it. probably both. Oddly it seems to get louder if I drink a lot of liquid.
  12. Lylelovett666

    In for my 2000 mile tuneup.

    Got out of the hospital two weeks ago & spent the first week with friends & then came home last Tuesday. My surgeon had me in for a checkup today & was very happy with how I’m feeling & how everything sounds. Says I no longer need to see him & that my regular cardiologist can now take over. Hopefully I’ll be back at work in a couple more weeks. Life rolls along.
  13. Lylelovett666

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    I’d die without it. Family trait that we all have wicked reflux. Mom,dad & sister are all on it too.
  14. Lylelovett666

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    I think my obsession with putting hot sauce on everything I eat has kept my gut in fighting shape. Nothing bothers me as long as I take my Omeprazol.
  15. Lylelovett666

    Another hate crime hoax

    There was not one detail of his story that made a lick of sense. We are to believe that there are bands of racists roaming the streets of Chicago at two in the morning with a noose & bleach in -10 degree weather. This guys iq must be his shoe size if he actually thought he was going to get away with this. What’s a real travesty is that the media will now switch to a “yea, but still” sympathetic narrative & he will suffer zero consequences for this fraud. He should be facing the same jail time that an actual attacker would be subject to.