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  1. Lylelovett666

    Ginger Baker dead at 80

    The doc,Beware Of Mr Baker,is one of the best I’ve ever seen. He was a surly sob,but probably the best drummer of the last century. Happy journey,sir.
  2. Lylelovett666

    My climate confession

    No need. I’m a few cups in & probably didnt make my point well. You’ve always been a straight shooter,John. Your input is always a plus to me.
  3. Lylelovett666

    My climate confession

    You misread my post. The point is that many people who say their concerned about the planet absolve themselves of any guilt by simply stating they know they’re not the best stewards,but it’s ok because they know so. It’s all about hypocrisy. Someone like yourself does honest things to help preserve the environment,while someone like algore,pays lip service while he private jets around the world. The left are trash hypocrites on every issue they dredge up. It’s all projection for the left.
  4. Lylelovett666

    My climate confession

    I believe in being a good keeper of the planet,but that it’s also ours to do with what we wish since we are the only sentient beings walking around. We will of course fix things if they get bad. It’s in our own interests. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t need clean air or water. Even conservatives. That being said I work in a pretty toxic field. Refinishing yachts generates a pretty good amount of ugly waste. A few months ago a colleague of mine was whining about environmental damage & I mentioned the foot print we were leaving as well as people who travel on private jets to preach this bs. He became indignant & informed me that it’s ok to do this stuff as long as you were honest about it or were preaching the message. It was no different than David Koresh saying it’s ok for him to sleep with anyone as long as he was delivering the message. It’s a cult. It’s the atheist answer to religion.
  5. Lylelovett666


    And to think my high school guidance counselor said I’d never amount to anything.
  6. Lylelovett666

    I'd vote for this!

    It’s just pure reason & logic.
  7. Lylelovett666

    ATTENTION : Crimes NO longer have Consequences

    It’s anyone who’s not a good citizen. Two weeks ago I saw people shooting heroin in plain sight a five minute walk from the uw. They were literally facing a busy street with nothing but the sidewalk between them & the road. This was in the parking lot of a major grocery store across the street from restaurants,apartments & a Walgreens. It was like they were just drinking cokes.
  8. Lylelovett666

    Rant on: PSA is dead to me now.

    I’ve had my issues with them,but they have great deals too often for me to write them off. I just got my 8.5 ar22 to the range on Sunday & it ran three hundred rounds without a single hiccup for about 300.00. I just can’t walk away from that.
  9. Lylelovett666

    The wife gave me permission to spend money

    It’d make a good down payment on a really nice watch.
  10. Lylelovett666

    I Need One

    The baddest aircraft to ever take to the skies. As long as it’s not both engines or the cockpit it can lose about a third of itself & still make its way home.
  11. It’s hard to tell whether this level of stupidly is frightening or comforting.
  12. Lylelovett666

    TOO MUCH FOOD!!! What to do?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a fig tree. I could eat hem morning,noon & night.
  13. Lylelovett666

    Hey Lylelovett666

    Craziest thing is what my neighbor gave me. Her b day is one day before mine,so generally we exchange small gifts like fruit & nuts or a bottle of wine. I awoke this morning to find a bottle of wine & a 50.00 visa gift card at my door. I got her a bottle of wine. If she wasn’t married & seventy I’d swear she was coming onto me. I’m going to have to really ramp it up for Christmas. I’m thinking a new car.
  14. Lylelovett666

    Hey Lylelovett666

    Thnx gang. 45 feels so old. I don’t suppose the two chest openings help that in any way. Still I’m above ground.
  15. Lylelovett666

    Former Justice J.P. Stevens Dead @ Age 99

    Good riddance.