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  1. Lylelovett666

    TOO MUCH FOOD!!! What to do?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a fig tree. I could eat hem morning,noon & night.
  2. Lylelovett666

    Hey Lylelovett666

    Craziest thing is what my neighbor gave me. Her b day is one day before mine,so generally we exchange small gifts like fruit & nuts or a bottle of wine. I awoke this morning to find a bottle of wine & a 50.00 visa gift card at my door. I got her a bottle of wine. If she wasn’t married & seventy I’d swear she was coming onto me. I’m going to have to really ramp it up for Christmas. I’m thinking a new car.
  3. Lylelovett666

    Hey Lylelovett666

    Thnx gang. 45 feels so old. I don’t suppose the two chest openings help that in any way. Still I’m above ground.
  4. Lylelovett666

    Former Justice J.P. Stevens Dead @ Age 99

    Good riddance.
  5. Lylelovett666

    Amazon is doing it's best.......

    I’ve a friend that works at amazon & he said it has to do with packing the delivery trucks for maximum efficiency. There’s no detail of the business that they don’t pour over to squeeze out every last drop of efficiency which of course translates into revenue. It may only save them pennies or even fractions of a penny on every order,but multiply that times millions of orders a day & it begins to make a lot of sense.
  6. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

  7. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

    Morning y’all.
  8. Lylelovett666

    LA public health in 'complete breakdown'

    I was in la a month ago. Parts of it look like scenes from TWD. What’s so terrible is that it’s a preview of what we have coming to Seattle. I’d say it’s about two years away from being as bad here. Leftist policies always end this way.
  9. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from dying Seattle.
  10. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

    Morning gang.
  11. Put the new valve to the test on Sunday with a trip to six flags. We rode 70+mph coasters for seven hours & I had an absolute blast. not sure my cardiologist would have approve,but I found it quite life affirming,horrifying & wonderful. I’d say I’ve made a full recovery.
  12. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

    Morning fellas.
  13. Lylelovett666

    Denver trying to be just like Seattle?

    They should probably take a look at this before they pass such an insane law , before they pass such an
  14. Lylelovett666

    Chewbaca Dead !

    If only the whole series would die.
  15. Lylelovett666

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Just caught this. How terribly sad.