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  1. My grandma,who turned 91 in July,decided she wanted a gun before the election. Seeing as she’s still sharp as a tack I figured it wouldn’t hurt to help her in her quest. Went to several gun stores to find nearly nothing left,but did run across a rock island m206 which she found to her liking. So in a week my granny,at 91,will be a first time gun owner. I will of course take her to the range to run her through the do’s & don’ts of Fire arm ownership as she’s requested.
  2. Cars,then boats & then airplanes. The hierarchy of expensive toys. Congrats.
  3. Ten,maybe fifteen years ago in Seattle A guy whacked someone in the back of the head with a skateboard. Killed him with one shot.
  4. I described something as white trash & got a three day suspension. If you post up memes depicting police being killed that’s a ok. They’re completely out of control.
  5. A shame that the owner wasn’t on it when it went for a ride.
  6. 😉 Ive known two people who’ve had it done & they were both extremely happy with their decision. You’ll do fine.
  7. Good luck. Don’t eat the hospital food.
  8. Star of my all time favorite movie,The Thing. Rip.
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