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  1. Lylelovett666

    Why I carry a knife.

    It’s a utility tool. I probably use my knife ten times a day if working. Five if I’m not.
  2. This is how a real Leo reacts to being told to abandon his duty. The farce of a chief we have in Seattle is pathetic. Hired because she checked all the sjw boxes rather than showed ability. Now she wants to back peddle & say she didn’t want to abandon a police station after it’s gone horribly wrong. A real chief would have resigned if ordered to give up a prescient to mob of animals & then called out those who gave the order. Pathetic.
  3. Shocker! Another lefty who’s a complete nut job.
  4. Lylelovett666

    Capitol Hill businesses sue Seattle over handling of 'CHOP' zone

    Screw these hypocrites. They voted for these freaks knowing what feckless,halfwit,communists they were putting into office. What’s worse is they’ll do it again next time they get a chance. They got exactly what they asked for,now stfu & eat it.
  5. Lylelovett666

    What Does Black Lives Matter Want?

    They don’t give a shite about black people. The name is just a cover for pushing marxism.
  6. Color me shocked at yet another hate crime hoax.
  7. Lylelovett666

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    👍🏻 Amazing how people can disagree with each other without exploding into expletives,insults & violence. I wasn’t sure it was still possible🤣
  8. Lylelovett666

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    Still doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The thought of banning a form of expression because it’s offensive is a pure leftist idea no matter how good it may feel in some cases.
  9. Lylelovett666

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    Hate speech laws are thought Crime laws. Murder is bad,but if you murdering someone because you think their race is inferior or think their lifestyle is immoral,that thought makes it worse according to the law. That’s scary stuff. Still,even Scalia thought burning the flag was a form of free speech. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many leftist agree to the law knowing that it exposes many other forms of speech to censorship. Bad idea.
  10. Lylelovett666

    Seattle's CHOP Just Cost The City A Billion Dollar Company

    I don’t know that this will happen. They already put up with insane real estate prices & sky high taxes to buy homes across from hobo camps where people are dropping deuces & shooting smack in the wide open. They vote for the people who allow this being fully aware that they intend to let this go on. I honestly think the only thing that would get people to leave Seattle is if conservatives started running things,which will never happen. The people here have completely lost their minds.
  11. Lylelovett666

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    Speech is counted as anything that conveys an idea. It can be spoken,painted,printed ,sculpted etc. sometimes it’s destruction of another idea or symbol. As far as hate crimes,I don’t believe in them & think it’s a terrible law. You don’t fix a bad law with another bad law though & a flag burning ban would just give credence to terrible things like hate crime laws.
  12. Lylelovett666

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    Nope. It’s speech & once you begin banning a form of speech because you don’t like it,you’ve opened the door to a never ending progression of the same. They already want to ban “hate”speech,which for many is just things they don’t agree with,& this would be the perfect argument for them to win that ban. Freedom means accepting things you like & don’t like if it Preserves that freedom.
  13. Lylelovett666

    Seattle's CHOP Just Cost The City A Billion Dollar Company

    This will matter little to a city that sees the people funding its wealth & Prosperity as oppressors & exploiters. Its a lunacy runs from the citizenry all the way up to the mayor. A city gone completely insane. I’m not sure how much longer I can stay here. There’s a very unsafe feeling Between the gauntlet of homeless camps You run daily & the hatred that most people hold for anyone who dares not fall in line with leftist ideology. I seriously think you’d be putting your life at risk wearing anything that showed support for trump.
  14. Lylelovett666

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from two miles to CHOP.
  15. Totally agree. Sad fact is that when they’re finally free of this thug tyranny,they’ll vote for the exact same political types if not the same people. Problem is if it’s not stopped,it’ll be in my neighborhood next. I’m only about two miles from this insanity. I work right across lake union from this luny bin & was really hoping to see A10s strafing Today.