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  1. Thanks y’all. Not exactly the greatest of bdays seeing as I got diagnosed with diabetes today. The joys of growing older.
  2. I dont work at a yard. I work where ever the boat is. I’m an independent. Work has been no problem.
  3. Very normal in the city.
  4. Saw an amazing thing on a bus in Seattle today. A black woman was having trouble getting her stroller locked in & the driver refused to get out of his plexibox & help her figure it out. He was being a coward & lazy & was obviously using covid as an excuse. He was getting some flack from riders & one guy who happened to be black almost immediately went to the race card. When I pointed out that the driver was just lazy & not racist,I got a wink & a smile from the guy indicating that he was just throwing it out there because he could. Thats where we are at. Even when there’s absolutely no whiff of racism it’s just automatically used as an intimidation tool.
  5. Bummer. I rarely eat cereal,but if I do it’s wheaties.
  6. You guys are all codgers,so much of what I’m going to say won’t make any sense. Saw Yes,in the early 2000nds. Amazing show & amazing to see a band I’d grown up listening to. I’d have to say the best shows I’ve ever been to are Jesus Lizard,shows. One in 94 & one in 18. The band can best be described as pcp cowboy music with Charles Manson on vocals. The lead singer spends most of his time kicking the audience in the head with cowboy boots or smashing into them as he leaps from the stage. I guess you had to be there Honorable mention to No Means No & The melvins.
  7. It tastes good,so I’m fine with it.
  8. The power they’ve seized will have to be pried from them. Politicians never give up power willingly. As more people succumb to the fear the fear will be ratcheted up along with their control.
  9. I dont see an issue.
  10. Good morning. I’m up too early for my first day off in two weeks.
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