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  1. 17 hours ago, tommag said:

    Stopped at the dicks on 99 in Burien, Wa. Not impressed,  thin patty very well done, pretty dry. 

    Best burger I've ever had was a 1/2 pound buffalo burger at the truckstop at exit 61 on I 94 in Minnesota. Not sure if buffalo was better than domestic beef, but it was thick and red, about medium rare.

    Interesting. I actually dread Dicks burgers. I live two blocks away & anyone who visits forces me to go every time. I’ve had my fill. I think they’re good,but too much of a good,thing. Still checkout Frisco Freeze,if ever in the area. Best burger on the face of the earth. 

  2. We were having one in Seattle & then it came to a screeching halt yesterday. Back to rainy,gray nw weather. Summer was too long & too hot. I’m happy for the change. Good Halloween weather. BOO!

  3. The hype around in & out,is way overblown. Good,but nothing glorious. I think sonic makes a better burger. If you ever find yourself in Seattle,Try a Dicks burger. Very good. Better yet,if you wind up in Tacoma wa to your sad misfortune,stop by the Frisco Freeze. Best burgers on the face of the earth,amazing fries & tartar sauce that will make you weep for joy. Little drive up place that’s been there for over 70 years. Fricken amazing. 

  4. Pretty simple. Romcoms are made for women. Men dont go to see them unless forced. Women like romcoms because it shows an idealized version of the boy meets girl story that women fantasize about. This movie doesn’t have that story,so women aren’t interested & men aren’t forced to go. Despite what the left says,there are only two sexes & in this case a movie was made that neither sex wants to see. They couldn’t have purposely tried to fail more spectacularly. 

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  5. On 7/21/2022 at 5:59 PM, Zephyr One/Zero said:

    Happy Birthday, Lyle!  :cake:  Time for new watch yet?  I've been looking into the Aragon microbrand.

    I bought a Christopher ward trident c60 gmt in blue. I’ve not taken it off other than to shower. 

  6. Thanks gang. 48. Never thought I’d see it after two heart surgeries. I’m off to the Bay Area(ill be avoiding San Fran) today to hangout with friends. We’re taking a private plane to Monterey,for lunch on Saturday. Yep,I’m bragging😆

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  7. Not typical legal thing for here,but I hope to find some help. I live in Seattle & have been summoned for jury duty. You have to fill out an online questionnaire before showing up. The last question asked is”what is your sexual orientation” surely this cant be a legal question.  I answered “none of your dam business”but still find it hard to believe that they can legally ask this. Legal opinions wanted. Thnx. 

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