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  1. I completely understand. But there are a growing number of people that are looking for ways to shave 2.5-4.9 ounces just to say they have the lightest gun on the block. As far as durability goes, these are far from brittle. The Ghost lower would be the only one i handle differently than a traditional lower because of the lack of fiber reinforcement . But, i won't go on and on about it. Only time will prove that they can stand up to a beating. Have a great Christmas.
  2. Forged lowers usually weigh around 8.1-8.5 ounces, My regular hybrid lowers are 5.6 and the Ghost lowers are 3.6 . So 2.5 ounces on the low end and up to 4.9 on the high end. So around a quarter of a pound with a Ghost lower and a little over an eighth on the regular nylon lowers. It all depends on what kind of shooter you are really. To a lot of people, weight really isn't going to be an issue if it's going to be shot off of a bench but it is if you're gonna carry it around all day. Then there are the people who are the "ounces make pounds" crowd. They like a 5-8 pond rifle and you have to shave weight here and there to get down to that weight. To each their own, it might just be a niche market but I'm trying to fill a need.
  3. You should have gotten a discount because you didn't actually get the ghost gun plus the armory discount. Should be $15-$20 coming back to you. Like I said before, this was a problem on the Gen III lowers, we corrected the mold. I double checked the SN of the lower we sent and it was a Gen IV . So i guess we'll just have to see what is up with it once it gets back here. I'll go check on your refund now
  4. This was a known problem, and we narrowed the space between the bolt catch roll pin ears. I think there might be an issue with the area just above the plunger being a bit too high and causing the bolt catch not to have a complete range of motion , hence, causing it not to engage.
  5. Ship it back to us and Ill refund any shipping cost you may have. Ill check out the receiver and see if it is a flaw in the receiver or the bolt catch, because we did have this problem in the past, and it was dealt with. Just send it to Tn Arms Company 916 South Main Dyersburg Tn 38024 Send it back with parts installed and if the receiver needs to be replaced, we'll do that, if there is something else holding the catch range of motion, well fix that. Whatever needs to be fixed,we'll do it. Also , since this is a repair, there is no need for another transfer and it will be shipped back to your house and will only require an adult signature. I still have a sneaking suspicion that the range of motion is being held up by something. Ill get you taken care of .
  6. We've actually narrowed that slot some from the Gen III receivers, Some customers have put either a clip from a dust over on there to act as a washer/spacer or have just used a small washer. What parts kit are you using?
  7. Sounds like some heavy grit sandpaper will cure your problem real quick. The one gremlin that we have been chasing in the mold is the shrinkage rate. The entire mold is over sized to allow for the part to cool to the correct size. If we just made a carbon copy mold of a Colt lower, everything would shrink up and every hole would be too tight for anything to fit. (This is why we ream holes during secondary manufacturing)...but ... on to your issue. It sounds like you have a good amount of travel in the bolt catch, which is good. Sometimes i have to take the blunt end of a punch to the button that sits on top of the plunger and give it a couple love taps to flatten down the material below it to allow for good travel. But your issue seems to be that the walls lining the bolt catch are hugging the metal that sits in that channel. This is where shrinkage has caused an issue. Take a piece of heavy grit sand paper , after you have removed the bolt catch, and double it over ( or double it over twice for a tight fit in there) and do a couple passes back and fourth to remove some material from inside that channel. This should relieve some of the friction that you have between the bolt catch and the wall of the channel. Had to do it last week for a customer build, I used a dremel with that ball looking bit. The amount of material that needs to be removed is minimal, but it should cure your issue immediately . One of the good things about the Nylon on these lowers is that it is extremely easy to work and when you do have to sand or file, you don't screw up the finish, the color is the same throughout the lower. Let me know if this helps. Thanks again for your order!
  8. I have looked on the MSDS for the material we use for the clear receivers. It said that it is used in the automotive industry in the fuel systems, which I took as them saying that it was made for clear fuel filters. I took our prototype clear lower apart the other day and cleaned out the inside with nothing more than a paper towel. The inside walls of the mag well and trigger pocket are completely slick, like a NiB or NP3 BCG, if the carbon has nothing to bond to, it wipes right off.
  9. I'll just post a link to the album of my sales flyers. I don't know how big they will show up and I don't want to anger anyone with hugemongous pics. Thanks guys http://imgur.com/a/VNrIj Black Friday Sales Flyers
  10. Pics of the flame polishing process? Or just finished product? and a before shot
  11. Being the manufacturer and having the presses on site helps out the overhead a lot. We can pass the savings on to the customer.
  12. Yup. 87.25 Shipped. Unless you want a flame polish, then it's 10 more. Use the code AR15ARM for 10% off all that.
  13. Welcome. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. STORE LINK HERE Your Choice of a Ghost Gun+Any Receiver Of Your ChoosingAll Colors in Stock-Ready to ShipFrom Guns and Ammo Book of the AR-15#5 2014 "It's a 100% Transparent lower that I've found to be avaluable aid to instructors and students around the globe""If you are a collector or have an interest in educating others, havinga clear receiver could definitely come in handy" Ghost Specs 3.6oz Ghost Gun Lower- Lightest lower available Great for teaching younger shooters Available in "Flame Polished" for a 100% clear finish Lifetime Warranty on Both Receivers Hybrid Specs 5.6oz- Lightest Hybrid Lower Available Available in Magpul Matched Colors Made for years of rugged abuse Nylon 6-6 Body - Marine Grade Brass Inserts Reported Customer High Round Counts of 15,000+ Rounds of 300 Blackout Lifetime Replacement Warranty We are proud to offer our Clear Stripped Lower Receiver we are calling the "Ghost Gun." This lower is made as a training tool and product showcase model that is usable but is not designed for the rugged use that our fiber-reinforced Nylon models are. We designed this model to showcase trigger and internal function for teaching and industry usage. This receiver is made from a UV stabilized Nylon that is highly resistant to oils and lubricants. It also weighs in at 3.6oz ( the lightest receiver that has ever been made) Any high quality parts kit can be installed but minor fitting might be required. [video=youtube;pvW0nYwXyvY] [video=youtube;5b3_wRyB5jk]
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