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  1. Looking for a sling for my 6920. Leaning to the vtac two point. Question would be can I just mount it using the standard mounts that came with it? Or do I need to install a side swivel? Any input would be great. Thanks.
  2. Cliff Builder Bars... Good after workout with cottage cheese..
  3. First ammo purchase... How did I do? Thanks for all the help. Federal American Eagle xm193, 55 grain 120 ammo can was on sale today.. Unfortunately picked up the last can...$49.97
  4. Better for stocking/plinking/SHTF--- rifle is a colt 6920 Federal 193, 55 gr, or Fed 62 gr... Both decent price at the local WM. 193 is 120rounds for $59 62gr xm855 was $179 for 420. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the input.. Ended up going with a Colt 6920, came with 5 mags and a great price..
  6. New AR owner, a Colt 6920. Came with 5 mags.. 2-30, 2-20, 1-10.. Not new to guns. How would you prioritize the following/recommendation of brands, etc. Ammo/range/SHTF ration of range to SHTF Extra mags Rifle cleaning kit -- is there a good all in one? Optics Sling Case/soft case Thanks in advance!!
  7. Do you prefer 55, or 62gr? Is there a significant difference? The federal you guys are recommending good for SHTF, and range?
  8. Just received my first AR! So with that I had a few questions regarding ammo. Rifle is a colt 6920. How much range/defense/SHTF ammo do you recommend to start with? My initial goal was 1000 rounds. What ratio do you recommend, and which brands for range/defense? Thanks.
  9. Can anyone recommend a CCW here in illinois. Thinking of Total CCW out of New Lenox? Any insight would be great, thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reception.. Have been posting/searching for a helpful sight. Just has been my recent experience :(
  11. Wanted to say hello from Illinois... Trying to get some recommendations on my first ar purchase?! Will be used for the range/target/SHTF Budget will be $1000.00 Would like 5.56, m4 feed ramps... I'm lefty and we have been shooting righty guns since we all started! Please amaze me with your knowledge.. And yes I'm prepared to be ripped!! Any insight, and pointing in the right direction would be helpful, thanks!
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