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  1. Wow. I would have to look that up. The last thing I just did was to put a Caa marksman stock on it. Model ARs i think it is. I did a trigger kit,and changed the flash hider.Since I'm wrong handed,I changed to left hand switches etc.I'll get back to this thread.
  2. Have any of you built a vertical gun rack in a closet? I have a spare closet next to my bedroom that was a junk catcher.I cleaned it all out yesterday.
  3. Night Vision has always been high priced.I don't look for any to be affordable for most people.
  4. I'm not really sure the extra weight and cost would be worth it. The light would be unused most of the time.
  5. You guys helped me, I was also thinking it would be a waste on my AR. I already have a nice red dot sight,the is very easy to detach or install.
  6. I have tritium on my ultra carry,and it glows bright.You can get a set of tritium night sights from Novaks Guns. The tritium eventually needs replaced. It sure is handy in low light. Blitzkrieg also offers a luminescent green chevron,but it is only on one side. It glows but is not tritium.
  7. Does anyone here use a laser sight? Are they worth having on an Ar-15 ? I'm not sure if I would get one or not.
  8. I was looking for a better sight post,since my eyes aren't as sharp as they were,and found the Blitzkrieg chevron sight post. It looks pretty good,so I ordered it,I hope it works out ok.
  9. Phase 5 charging arm,ambidextrous. First 60.00 takes it. Brand new, never fired,installed and removed. PM me.
  10. I was wondering about tools for general use for the AR. Do I need the hammerhead type multi tool? Also what tools would I need for a general kit,eg., roll pin punches etc. Do you guys keep a bottom end repair kit on hand for broken or lost parts,like firing pin,springs,extractors, etc? Thanks for any help.
  11. Well,it's been awhile.....don't make look up suppliers.... trigger job, and bolt refinished and rebuilt,compensator,tech sights,magazine release. I want to do the mod to accept regular AK mags. All the unneeded stuff was removed,bayonet,grenade launcher,and the ladder sight. I would have kept it,but it was in the way. I hope your curiosity is somewhat satisfied.
  12. I saw the show once, I think.West Virginians are way more capable than that.Come on down and meet all my cuzzins...we'll show you what woods livin' is...
  13. Yes,it's an SKS that has been redone.A lot more work than just the stock.
  14. Thanks guys,I was worried there for a bit.
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