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  1. I'd encourage it! The odds of someone surviving a cardiac arrest decrease even further if cpr is not engaged almost immediately. The only time I've been a part of a crew that's brought someone back to life, it was a witnessed arrest and someone trained in cpr started until ems arrived. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Make sure your left hand is doing a majority of the squeezing on the gun. I used to struggle with shooting low left but I corrected it with dry fire. Do a slow trigger pull. As slow as you can and see what results you get. Throw in a snap cap and you'll find out what your doing.
  3. I just made my first mortgage payment. It seems daunting haha
  4. I really enjoyed that show. Honestly, it really started my gun addiction!
  5. I second peeing on the seats, taking huge dumps and stinking it up. In all honesty will there be any girls that go in there?
  6. Mine would be for 300 blk. The only rifles I have right now is a 223 and then this 300 when I finish it. I appreciate the advice. 6 months ago I never would have thought I would build a 300 blk. Who knows what the future holds!
  7. I believe it's actually 101!! it's pricey, I think like $25 an hour. Everything is electronic, including a tv with a camera pointing at the target at the 100 yard mark so you can see your hits just by looking at the screen. It's incredibly nice. I got a membership to the range for Christmas. I wouldn't go there as much if I didn't because it is a little pricey and it's by the hour. But I won't go to h and h anymore so I'll pay the extra for nicer stuff.
  8. Those are very valid points. The biggest reason is that I want to get the suppressor pinned to a total length of at least 16". I don't want to mess with getting a sbr stamp as well and getting it engraved. Maybe I'll change my mind. I probably should buy once and cry once and get the sbr and better suppressor. That just seemed like a sweet idea because I can send em a barrel, upper receiver and gas block and they send me back a completed upper with silencer for $755.
  9. I'm not sure why it says that. With an 8.5 inch barrel, the suppressor and barrel will be 16.75 inches long. I believe the 17 and 28 numbers are the total weight of the barrel and suppressor since its integral.
  10. Has anyone ever heard of this company/suppressor? http://libertycans.net/leonidas/ I'm leaning towards them right now. Supposedly the quietest on the market.
  11. Do you have a membership at wilshire? I went to safety first in Edmond a couple weeks ago and liked it. The staff is nice and it's right by my house.
  12. I hope he found his answer sometime in the 6 years since he posted the question lol
  13. If you're using the method the op is using in the original post, is it essential to deprime first? I don't have a depriming die, just a depriming/resizing die. I haven't gotten a tumbler yet either. I got all the essentials first, those will come later.
  14. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I, also want to get in the suppressor game. Is an attorney needed to get the trust? Do I really need a trust? What if I don't get one? So many questions lol
  15. This isn't too far from me. I really hope sharpton stays away.
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