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  1. 1:9 twist, 24" barrel sort of throws my suggestions. I'm not sure if the "extra" length will allow for heavier bullets(75/77 grain). I'd be inclined to try some Black Hills MK262, it's a open tip match round, 77 grain and from my experience quite consistent. I'd also be inclined to buy several types of match grade ammo and test, as every rifle seems to have a particular favorite food. Reloading is the key to squeezing max performance from the rifle. A so-so handload will spank the best factory ammo if the handload is tuned to your rifle.
  2. There are a few companies that make 2 stroke gasoline additives that have scents. I've caught a whiff of banana and blueberry at some enduros. Bacon would be a great scent to chase down a trail.
  3. I use a horizontal with a .44Mag. It's a serious PITA most of the time. Slow draw, bulky and if not cinched up "just so" gets all sorts of out of shape. Where it shines is in the field/woods. Over a layer or two of warm clothes and under a big parka it does just fine. My .44 is a poor carry pistol by most metrics, it's long and super heavy, toss in the scope on it and it's just not suited for carry. The horizontal is just about the only solution for it though, so it's what I use when schleping around outside. As to safety? I'd hate to be jostled enough to manage an accidental shot. Ruger uses the blocked hammer setup, the pull back it stopped by a strap and it's a long pullback to cock the thing. I'm pretty sure I could bounce the pistol on my finger and not get enough torque to actuate the DA trigger/hammer, it's fairly stout in DA mode, SA it's very nice. *edit* Yep, just tried to dry fire it using only one finger and jerking it upwards while suspended on said finger. I get a click where the hammer moves a bit, but nowhere close to cycling the hammer.
  4. That sort of behavior would last about 15 seconds where I live, my county is in the high 90s percentage wise for Caucasians. Not to say it's paradise here, bit of a meth problem and rampant unemployment/poverty. However I do not have to avoid certain places at certain times. I can't really complain, it's nice to live somewhere where the first day of deer season is pretty much considered a holiday.
  5. I shot my buddies Ruger SR45(two-toned 4.5" barreled, looks a lot like that Colt) and didn't find the recoil to be that punishing. Granted I was shooting a Vaquero .44 right before that and that CERTAINLY was punishing. I carry a full size 1911, the only time it gets on my nerves is when I get smooshed up in a small chair, the hammer will sometimes find it's way around the holster and give me a good poke.
  6. 14 years now with no broadcast or cable. I read books when I wanna turn off the brain and let it coast for awhile. Netflix is my go-to source for mindless entertainment.
  7. I prefer a clicky, one with a shroud so I can stand it on end if needed. That being said I carry a 6P with a momentary so I don't accidentally turn it on in my pocket at work. Around the house my other 6P has a clicker tail.
  8. It's fun to watch people chase the laser around the target. I learned to get it close and squeeze, you aren't gonna cloverleaf with a pistol unless you are on bags anyway. I've shot my 1911 enough to know I'm "on" at less than 30 feet just from muscle memory, I don't shoot distance with handguns, that's rifle territory. I will stretch out some with my .44 mag now and again, but it thinks it's just a stubby rifle anyway(aimpoint). Been kicking around the idea of getting a new slide(not hacking up an original 1968 Colt National Match Gold Cup slide) and having it milled for an RMR.
  9. What trigger group is in there?
  10. Well, you have a Springfield and a Kimber, go for the Colt perhaps just for the sake of having three brands.
  11. If you get the Viper, DON'T look thru the Razor, both are excellent but the Razor will make you jealous.
  12. Did anyone have to answer an ethnicity question in the demographics section? I wanna know how they got white/hispanic/black demos.
  13. How did that test know(or not know) I'm white? I never got that question. 12/12, I am a geek though.
  14. 25 or 30, enough to build a ladder and see what shakes out.
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