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  1. As you see (Being me again this issue has been laid to rest....
  2. We are having an issue with Tap-a-talk with our themes in a few Browsers so it is temporarily suspended. But to answer your 2nd question... Yes, anytime you Quote a topic or reply to one look for the paper clip in the lower left portion of the reply box. Here you have a choice to drag and drop an attachment or you can select choose files by going to that pic and adding it. Example I added this image above with the drag feature option. Drag your image to the area pointed to your image will appear. The following example was using the choose file option I hope this helps you and any others wondering the same. Have a Great Day! The Woodsman
  3. This is the updated version of the Armory 1 theme with a few extras. This version is a working model for this forum version 4.6.X. This is also the latest upgrade since v4.4.10 sorry to say the themes are not backwards compatable.
  4. Hey people the armory 1 Fix themes is up for you to test and play with. I need a few volunteers to help test this and up coming themes for bug reporting. Thanks, Alan Aka Me Aka The Woodsman
  5. Years ago, I wired a Generac Generator for a guy down on Beaver Lake in southeastern Wisconsin. The system ran his whole house if there ever was a power outage. 2 elevators, oxygen concentrator AC and heat not to mention every damn lamp in the house. No, your family isn’t going to want to go through the expense but a portable generator from Menards, Home Depot or Lowes comes to mind for backup power.
  6. Upper right - Notification Bell.... Check your settings.
  7. Because of the Tapatalk and another server glitch... Wait Glitch my Ass..... Lets just call it a NEIL Any way Armory 1 at present is being rebuilt from scratch. So may the others....
  8. I am working on 10mm on my local. I will load it when I am finished.
  9. I'm here, ah, and here, and here.....
  10. OK I will find that one also... Yes... Emoji's are scrolling.
  11. Hey bud keep an eye on your avatar.... I wanted to use this one...
  12. OK People the Armory has now been ugraded to version 4.6.8 with all the current security patches. I am sure there will be a few bugs to report so please report them here. It does not pay to report them anywhere else because I may never find them.
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