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  1. So the lower is the legal "gun". If you have a registered pistol lower, with a brace on it. Can you put a 16 or longer barrel on it and put a forward grip on it and be legal? Or would it still be an SBR? Also, if I had a 16+ inch upper on a pistol lower, I should be able to put an actual stock on it, as long as I don't put a shorter barrel on that lower with the stock installed. (this is playing closer to constructive intent than I would want to play, but I'm curious)
  2. So here's the quick review from the range today. Ammo was low, but it was a nice day. I'm just back into ARs, last one I had any amount of experience with was a C&R Tool room M16(yes, I REALLY wish I owned it). Purchased a BG Defense - 10.5 GEN3 SPR A3 PISTOL (SB A3 BRACE). https://bgdefense.com/product/type-a-sipr-10-5-gen3-pistol-sb-tactical-a3-brace/ It's semi locally produced so I went for it over the usual Saint/Ruger etc. The BG was around 30% more. Fit and finish are quite good, no complaints. Accuracy was better than me 25 and 50 yards(all I had time/ammo for today) with a Vortex Spitfire AR Red Dot. My eyes aren't used to a red dot with no magnification. Will make a good quick shooting sight, but precision on paper... meh. The brace has about the perfect length for bracing for accuracy and is fairly comfortable. The trigger pull is pretty good. Not CZ bolt action good, but pretty good. No failures in 60 rounds. The bad, The Silencerco ASR Brake is obnoxious. Blast back was pretty bad and it's freaking loud. Louder than my 300wsm in the same shooting position by an order of magnitude. Almost painful with muffs on. The 7.5" barreled M16 I used to have access to was way more friendly to shoot. The middle, what is the deal with strait triggers? It seems to be the latest fad. I don't get it, it's just not a good feeling and bad for trigger pull consistency. I will eventually change it out for a curved trigger. All in all not a bad pistol. Next AR will probably be a 20" pistol.
  3. I'm going to be the odd one out. I've seen DeadMau5 twice. Both times on the floor in front of the cube. The cube and music is a quasi-religious experience even without drugs. This is the first concert of his with the old cube Second concert with the big cube
  4. You too? Mine is a 10.5 braced pistol. BG Arms. Will take pic I eventually
  5. I know you do! Its why I came back here instead of that other place! Btw does Bluetonic still lurk? They were fun to bs with
  6. I remember this place starting up and how cool it was then. Now I finally got around to getting an AR so i figured who better to annoy with stupid questions!
  7. You want an open or cylinder choke for slugs if you aren't using a rifled choke. A slug will open up a choke.
  8. There are a few in Michigan. bastiages with game farms brought them in and then lost them. So they think a couple thousand are running around. At least the DNR had the decency to rule them shoot on site with any hunting license or CPL.
  9. Flashlight and a .22 headshot. Around here that's the legal way to hunt them at night.
  10. Shoulda lit them up. A good hot covering fire will take a bunch down. The pigs are scared of mass aggression. I'm glad we don't have pigs here, but they sound like a lot of fun to hunt.
  11. Nissan builds most of their cars and trucks here as well.
  12. No kidding. Why cuff'em when you can shoot them and push them overboard?
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