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  1. My goodness this is not what I wanted to see when I walked in...very sad. RIP, Jeff and Nancy !! Steve B. & Family
  2. Congrats, G !! I thought about you and your bride this week.... May you both enjoy many, many more !! Steve
  3. Wow ! That is fantastic what you guys are doing...... I'm jealous ! Keep up the good work !
  4. Hell yes !! Americana is right... The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. I don't have a dog in the fight but it's good entertainment. I enjoy watching football and as long as my boys want to watch it with me I'm in. I used to go to big gambling parties but that was replaced with family time and appetizers during the entire game.. Good stuff.
  5. NOT happy about that lats TD call........
  6. Good morning, G. Good morning guys. 2016...... Wow it just seems like time keeps picking up speed...
  7. Sweet....dun deal !!! Now....for the waiting. They'll find something wrong. That's what they do.
  8. If his intentions were truly to guide the deer to shore then why crucify him ? You can't fix stoopid. They'll figure it out.
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