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  1. Gifford1970

    Happy 12-13-14 Everyone

    Happy 12-13-14 Everyone grab a cold one and drink up.
  2. Gifford1970

    My parts

    I've ordered grips for a taurus model 431 .44 special from Midway shipped same day. Very happy with my purchase.
  3. Gifford1970

    Our two AR's

    nice pair of AR's
  4. Gifford1970

    New AR15 shooter

  5. Gifford1970

    What is so special about 1911s?

    1911's are classic Americana 100 year old design but man is it hard to beat.
  6. Gifford1970

    research for first AR

    Thanks everyone I'll get to weighing my options now.
  7. Gifford1970

    research for first AR

    I will start by saying I have been shooting mostly handguns for about 30 years. Recently I've become interested in the AR platform. I have bolt action rifles .22 autos, muzzleloaders, and a Ruger mini 14 and many handguns. So my question is what would be a good entry level plinking just have fun shooting gun. the only thing that matters to this decision is it has to be dead reliable if it wont function I'll loose interest and move on. The mini 14 is a blast I love that gun so thats my benchmark $800 and it's never failed in any way. I would prefer a complete gun but a simple build would be good too.
  8. Gifford1970

    I love my Springfield 9mm EMP

    SD loads I use are hornady critical defence.
  9. Gifford1970

    I love my Springfield 9mm EMP

    I'm new here my first post actually. I've had my EMP for almost 5 years now no malfunctions of any kind so far. It's my everyday carry gun in a bianchi leather holster I can go all day very comfortably.