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  1. Thanks. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. Hey Guys, Anyone from California keep a look out for a petition to repeal the new gun laws outlawing the AR15 Bullet Buttons among other unconventional laws sign by Our Governor. Sign the petition to repeal all of the gun grab laws. Thanks guys. David...
  3. Just some cheap fun at the range with a .22. I use to have a 10/22 but I sold it. That was a mistake. It was pre ban with 30 round magazines.
  4. My question is, what is a good .22 conversion kit for my AR15. I have several and would swap it between the 20" target Bull barrel rifle and the 7.5" AR - PISTOL.
  5. What is the difference between the .30 American and a 300 blackout? Sent from my SM-T900 using Tapatalk
  6. This would be my choice. easier on the ears, but contrary to CA law makers belief, it is not silent or for indiscriminate assassinations. Maybe that is why they don't like them, because they think we will come after them. If we really wanted to go after them, the laws they passed would not matter. Daniel Defense DD M4 Carbine ISR-300 Blackout (Integrally Suppressed Rifle 300BLK): DDM4v7-type 10.3″-Barreled Tactical AR-15 Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) http://www.defensereview.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Daniel_Defense_DD_M4_Carbine_DDM4v7_ISR-300_Blackout_Integrally_Suppressed_Rifle_10.3_inch_Tactical_AR-15_Short_Barreled_Rifle_AR_SBR_SHOT_Show_2013_David_Crane_DefenseReview.com_DR_2.jpg
  7. These ones are made in Israel and I don't see how they would interfere with anything. It only holds a 10 round magazine, so it would be.a good backup in a jam.
  8. We are being held hostage to law's because so many stupid voter's keep putting them back in office. Brown has been the worst Govnor yet he wins by a landslide. Dumb people are making our state worse every year.
  9. As long as they can make judgments like what is a good reason to have a CCW and personal protection is not reason enough. They will continue to walk all over our 2nd ammendment rights.
  10. I am doing a Polymer lower and I am considering the 300 BLACKOUT for it. I am thinking of an 8" barrel and if I can find a 1 in 9 twist, that would be my first choice. Is a higher grain load better for accuracy in the 300 Blackout? I was thinking 165 grain loads. Why the lower grain ammo?
  11. Even with the new ruling the Sheriff's Dept in San Diego County will not change their current policies until all of the appeals are exhausted. They do not want to issue CCW'S so they are going to fight the ruling tooth and nail to the end. I find it strange, because it is not the sheriff's job to make policy but to enforce the law. The law in CA allows for CCW'S yet the Sheriff does everything it can to block our 2nd ammendment rights to keep and bear arms.
  12. Don't forget the Bullet Button.
  13. I am also helping my mom make her own Polymer light weight 16" tactical AR15. I will be guiding her through it so she knows how to do it herself and that makes it 100% legal. If I did it for her it could be a felony.
  14. The Guy selling homemade lowers without a serial # and ready to assemble is committing a felony. Stay clear of him. On a 80% lower you have to do the remaining 20% of the work yourself. I have 2 80% AR15, one forged AR rifle and polymer AR Pistol, but I have not got my uppers yet. I did get the Bob Sled SSE mag well block for the Pistol lower. Don't forget you need Bullet Buttons on your homemade 80% lowers. For my AR pistol and rifle, I am going to have an engraver put my own peronal serial# and other identification marks on the lower mag well. I will have it done to BATF spec's so they can de identified if Someone steals them.
  15. Do you have the AR10 lower in FDE like the AR15 you have on the website?
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