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  1. Welcome! There seems to be a lot of members in a similar situations. I prefer being considered a "new guy" - I can ask "stupid questions" and no one gets upset or feels the need to prove how "smart" they are. Walt USN ®
  2. wfa

    Hey wfa

    To all! Thank you. I'm getting old, but that is a privilege not granted to all. May you all have a life as crazy, scary, fun, expensive, as I've had... which I wouldn't change a thing, even the "bad" parts. Walt
  3. Take a look at PSA and Brownells, lots of sales. Their "entry" uppers shoot in the 1.5MOA with handloads, around 3MOA with "surplus". Brownells has a free float upper, with BCG and CH for around $270 IIRC. Lots of options, lots of "sales", The next upper you build, and there will be many(!), will reflect what you've learned, and what you like. Have fun, but get used to being "poor"! WFA https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/upper-receivers/ar-15-complete-upper-receiver-black-keymod-5-56-prod86806.aspx?avs%7cMake_3=AR-15&psize=96 (Lot's of "negatives reviews" for this, but remember, Brownells "forever" guarantee. With a scope and 73 year old eyes,mine will shoot 1.5MOA. Most all of the negatives were for cosmetics or details you should check even if you're paying top dollar.)
  4. SPS has the Nosler 123gr Tipped on sale at the moment. I've had excellent results with it on paper, and limited terminal testing shows it's either a "medium speed" opening varmint bullet, or a fast opening medium game bullet. RL-7 is the powder I've found best for my x39s, but there are lots of other lots out there which others find effective and accurate. http://www.shootersproshop.com/loading-reloading-bullets/nosler-7-62x39-310-diameter-123-grain-fb-tipped-bullets-blem-100ct-13917.html
  5. I have a 16" and 18" KAK. Both shoot much better than they should, given their price. Don't let "experts" tell you that you can't have a reliable x39 AR - there is no "magic" in making one reliable, just an understanding of how the AR functions. Yes, I know Colt couldn't do it 50 years ago, but that was 50 years ago, and I'm not sure they really wanted to make it work.
  6. Use Loctite #243 - it doesn't mind oil, it's heat tolerant, and you CAN get it to release if you have to. Refinishing is likely the cause of the increased clearance. If you've ever wanted a dedicated 22LR upper, this may be the ideal choice (with Loctite, of course). :-)
  7. I have a number of PSAs, uppers, lowers, and even some parts. Accuracy is on par with other "assemblers". Some of the items are better than others, once in a while you get a really good one. If you get a really bad one, they'll replace it - but be prepared to spend a lot of time on "hold" if you want to talk to someone. Their customer service seems to be cyclic - sometimes fast, some time moving at the speed of government. Bottom line: The are a good value, at least in my opinion. WFA
  8. Just my opinion, but the AR platform is never going to be "pretty"; it's a very functional, these days reliable, accurate, bullet launcher. When I'm worried about "looks", I turn "old school" - blued steel and figured walnut. WFA
  9. I couldn't find if Aero replaced the parts, but my guess is that they did/will.
  10. I have ten of them, both 1" and 30mm. Like other "one side" lock down rings, the scope will twist a bit when tightening; it takes a few tries to get it exactly right, but other than that, I obviously like them. Walt
  11. An aperture rear sight does wonders for astigmatism when using a "red dot". Just look at the dot through the aperture, don't worry about if it's "centered" - the red dot is taking care of the POA for you. Walt
  12. The 264 LBC/Grendel (same cartridge, slightly different chamber) is also an option, especially if you're interested in "reaching out" (+300 yards). Walt
  13. wfa

    Hey wfa

    Thank you, all of you! Walt
  14. You can't go wrong with Aimpoint, but they pretty much "start" in the $400 range (sometimes a bit cheaper if on sale). Unfortunately, I've found that "used" ones cost almost as much as a new one.
  15. Just took the new PSA 7.62x39 out to sight it in using Aimpoint Comp2. I only went out to 25 yards because 1) it's "swamp" wet, 2) I was using Aimpoint 25 yard targets, and 3) I really only wanted to do function testing. Results: No stoppages of any kind. Lower has an ALG trigger, so it has a "standard" hammer spring, the PSA upper has standard M4 barrel extension. Used five brand new 7.62x39 10 round ASC mags. The bore "slugged" at .309 - .3095 (four groove) Ammo was "Wolf", I think (white box, black lettering, no manufacturer listed, "Made in Russia"). 37 rounds into a 1.5" hole, three flyers, two at 2 o'clock 1/2" from the "big" hole, one low at 8 o'clock (I think this one was me) also 1/2" from the "big hole". About 25% had split necks. Why is it when you shoot an AR using Lapua brass, you lose cases, but when you shoot Berdan or Berdan-steel cases, you can always find them all?
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