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  1. Welcome to the forum. Nice piece of hardware!!!
  2. A wounded hog can lead to a bad situation for sure. I will hopefully get a few shots this weekend. The hogs are starting to work over my deer plots.
  3. gadawg, I was having fte issues with my .300blk. I'm running a 16" barrel, and it had a H buffer. Tried a carbine std buffer, same results. Turned out my gas block was loose and misaligned forward. It wouldn't supply enough gas to cycle the bolt fully. Aligned and tightened the block and problem solved.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I resolved the issue this afternoon before I got the input. Turns out my gas block had loosened up and was misaligned. I will do more testing, and then add a drop of locktite to prevent future issues. Bring on the pigs, it's time for bbq.
  5. Update. Changing the buffer didn't help. Going to see a local AR smith tomorrow to see what can be done.
  6. I'm having issues with my .300 blk. It is not ejecting the round after fired. It is a carbine length and had a heavy buffer. I changed out the buffer to a standard carbine weight buffer to try. Seemed to work at first, but since has been failing to eject after each shot. Any thought?
  7. .22lr isn't common on the shelves here, but I am seeing more of it. I still pick up a box here and there. Funny thing is a few football seasons ago, we were using 100rd boxes of CCI as the wager. That was as good as gold.
  8. One of my local big retailers had plenty of ammo on the shelves today, including .22lr. I wasn't gonna get any but they talked me into it. I did pick up a few boxes of remington umc .300blk. Cheapest I've seen for it at $14.99/box.
  9. I found a series 70 Colt Combat Commander at a LGS a few years ago. Imo it was well worth the final price after a little negotiating. I did replace all of the springs with a set of Wilson Combat springs and man did it make a difference.
  10. I'm thinking this is just the start.
  11. Guess I must be too then. Fried chicken and blackeye peas for dinner. And to think all this time I just thought it was a Southern thang!!! Oh well.
  12. Welcome and thank you for your service.
  13. It should be ok. Keep us updated with the build.
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