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  1. Umm I think you would be better off going the AR 9 route Spartan-9mm Glock Magazine Compatible Billet Lower Receiver $149 (Frontier Armory 80% $119) Spartan 9MM/45ACP Non-Reciprocating Side Charge Billet Upper Receiver w/ LRBHO $234 KAK Shockwave Blade AR15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace w/ Buffer Tube Kit - Black $94 New Frontier Armory AR-9 STANDARD 9mm Bolt Carrier Group $170 LPK $50-100 (Depends on what you want) Cost: ~$700 - 750 But you can get part any where and any AR15 add ons work with no issue. That what I'm doing when I get home. All the parts are waiting
  2. http://palmettostatearmory.com/ten-10-ar-15-m4-gen-2-30rd-pmags-one-magpul-d-60-drum-mag-ten-10-ets-31rd-9mm-glock-18-mags.html Just started to build up my collection and this looks like a good deal on mags if you do a 223/9mm combo. 1 Built 2 ar15s and an ar9 this year.
  3. I don't understand the cost on these things. A simple one is ~$20 and most are $40+. Its a simple piece with one little spring.
  4. PSA has complete SS kit (no lower) for $399. So you would need a lower and a rear sight for a complete rifle
  5. No it is the new version of the MSE AQC Looks great BUT at $600 a bit pricey.
  6. I was looking at a sight for my 9mm AR and read about the Hartman MH1. I guess it is the replacement for the MSE AQC. Issue is this one and all the other similar one cost almost as much as my build did. I would love to have one, but lets face it I'm not going to war right now, just want something I can take to the range and plink with and use for home defense. Is there something I can look at in the $200 range that is a descent trade off, or do I just need to bite the bullet and spend $600 on one of these.
  7. I didn't see it. I'll read though again. I'm assuming the standard 18in. But you know what they say about that. The more i'm reading the more I understand that reloading is not as hard as I thought, but not as easy ether.
  8. Thanks for the input. Think I'll just stick with separate for now. But it's good o know I can do it if needed. Seems this is both easier and harder then I thought it was going to be. Almost like I'm back in school again. Just as I think I've got it something else pops up. LOL and I have not even started to read up on powder yet... I'm doing all my research now and will start hands on when I move back to the states latter this summer.
  9. That is close to speed I have seen on the M885 data from the factory. But it seem hot for a 223 reload from data I have. (2800 -2900 range) Is that because you using a 450 primer? Or is it the 20in barrel? I was looking to use a 400 primer
  10. OK Got another question, (Was going to say one more, but... ) Been doing reading on primers. I have two AR's one 5.56 and one 9mm. Seems from my reading that I can use CCI 400 SRP in both rounds as long as I watch the max load on the 9mm. Some of the stuff I've been reading is a few years old. So what's the opinion from the long timers here?
  11. Just ordered some SS109 bullets. $105/1000. Looked like a good deal from what I have been looking at. Though I would pick some up for safe keeping. http://www.americanreloading.com/en/bargain-bin/90-223-556-ss-109-projectiles-steel-core-pulled-500-ct.html I got all the reloading gear in, but going to hold off starting to reload for a bit. Still some good prices on bulk brass 223 out there. but figures I would start building up a stock of bullets and brass. All so still reading the manuals I bought. I don't see any "published" info on reloading m855/SS109 rounds. I have seen some info on blogs. Is there any "factory" info on these?
  12. Actuality for lube I was just reading about the lanolanine and red heet seems to be the best buy. I have not got a book yet.
  13. The kit comes with Lees new trimmer. Don't know if you have looked at it yet. Uses a die for each case and trims and chamfers at the same time and it fits in the die mount. But I will also take a look at that one also. Edit: This kit came with the standard case trimmer. To Chamfer you need the deluxe, of you can order just the blade ket to upgrade the standard model. That what I'm doing.
  14. Thank for all the input the other day. Well I read up last night and decided to bite the bullet. Just ordered: Lee Precision Breech lock Challenger Kit: $121 Lee 223 quick Trim Die: $6.69 Lee 9mm Quick Trim Die: $11.99 Lee Ultimate 4 Die 223: $44.99 Lee Precision 3 Die 6.5 Grendel: $29.99 Lee Precision 4 Die 9mm: $39.99 2 -2 Pac lock bushing: $15.58. Total about $270. From FSreloading Just need the scale -- Looking at a frankford arsenal ds-750. Also would like a quick trim die for the 6.5 Grendel anyone see one of those? You can order a custom one from Lee for $25. Have not worked out how I want to clean cases yet. Any preference here on sound, water or dry? Anything I'm missing hardware that I should really look at in the beginning? I Bought die with the idea of moving up to a turret in the future.
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