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  1. Thanks. I couldn't figure it out. In Texas BLM is Land Management. Can't say the other matters much to me anymore either.
  2. For Home Defense, Red Baron gave the most critical info, the mechanical offset. Your barrel is 2 1/2" lower than your sights. At 25/100 or 50/200 yards the difference is negligible, but up close and personal, it makes a big difference.
  3. You're not gonna get high quality sights for $20. If you do buy cheap Chinese schit for 20 bucks, you will have cheap Chinese schit on your rifle. It's as simple as that. High speed gear is never cheap.
  4. Who Me?!? I don't have any NFA firearms. I think you asked officerx about that.
  5. Once again, for you Non-Texans... Austin is not your typical Texas town. Austin is the one and only liberal democrat stronghold in the whole state of Texas, and a very small one at that. I think we should put a fence around it and charge admission.
  6. Same here. Kinda mixed feelings. Some I wish I had kept and others I don't really miss at all.
  7. That's interesting to know, but Warlike is right. That shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Hmmm... OK. I'll have to go back and edit. edit - OK Done.
  9. Everything is for sale at the right price.
  10. That makes sense to me. I need to put a Get Home Bag in my truck. Would that be a GHB? Since I'm rarely more than 25 miles from home, what might I need? Is this a full on SHTF and complete chaos or did my truck break down and I can't get a ride? How long would it take me to go 25 miles on foot? I always have my dog with me, so what might he need? Water! I will need water and water is friggin' heavy! edit - Time to get a backpack for the dog?
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