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  1. My views on 1940's to present protection was in Ref to Ft. Bragg...Not an Air Force base Junior Talk about an oxygen bandit. I'll bet your folks are flush with regrets.
  2. The Intell Community is saying that creddible threats directed at actual Military Members and Bases has been detected recently. I have No earthly idea in present terms what Defcon Alpha or Bravo entails but in my time Base Security and Force Protection was a huge joke. I know that all USAF Bases are fenced in and have the SP's patrolling about in incredibly small numbers. , Marine Corp bases and Air Stations the same. Navy bases are closed operations , except from the sea obviously and I'm sure a defensive measure is employed there , but an armed and ready to go thing? Not real likely US Army bases...well that's sketchy. Smaller bases I've been are enclosed by fences but hardly any fortress or void of any actual combat troops in most cases. The larger facilities like Ft Bragg as an example are NOT fenced in and even back in the 80's had no real Force Protetction measures in place. They did a cost analysis for enclosing Ft. Bragg in terms of the actual facilities areas , not the training areas or drop zones and the costs were astronomical and deemed not feasable. Ft.Bragg was for all intents and purposes is an Open Base , even the North Carolina Highway Patrol has authority to patrol and ticket people on base , as if they were on patrol in neighboring Fayetteville or Spring Lake N.C. They'll wait till something huge hits a base before Real Guard Duty , Real Defensive Thinking takes place. I'd not hold my breath waiting on pulling guard on any of the usual places on base with an M-4 and live rounds in the weapon. That would be thinking too far outside the box .
  3. I thought the news did an OK job of covering the fly over in D.C. today....they only had one small hitch out of all those old birds. The Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber like George H.W. Bush flew in WWII had to make an emergency landing at Reagan National due to a Hydraulic Leak. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those whom served in WWII. The distinction as 'The Greatest Generation" is well deserved.
  4. I suggested the potential of doing so....I suggested Fines first and taking away the team from the owners as a very last resort...it is within the NFL's power to do so.
  5. Oh my God...1st of all , ALL the F-117's have been retired 10,000 Tomahawks.....Well Only wish we had that many...3,500 is the estimated figure with production ceasing in Fiscal Year 2015 A-10's are already in decreasing numbers , the same ones the USAF wants to force into retirement to make budgetary room for the F-35 Lightning II that doesn't even work as advertised? Of the 716 A-10's built , between retirements , losses and storage of un-modified A-10's we are down to 348 serving in both active and Guard/Reserve Units total. Iran would not be the cake walk you might think. Sure , their Air Force is no match and their Navy would be brushed asside quickly....but another land Invaision that we can't afford or even have the troops now to perform would be a huge mess. Look at the Hornets Nest we kicked open after leaving Iraq to it's own devices in Post Invasion terms. Do any of you read or watch the news at all?
  6. Nope...but I'd sure like to see Pete Rose inducted
  7. Filiming the oppositions training and on and on....Good Grief yourself.
  8. OK...Chicago and Illinoise as a whole has had a history of political corruption for as long if not longer than I can recall. My Union does have a Political Action Fund , I for one have never been in agreement with any of their reccomended candidates , nor do I support any kind of outside or inside funding of anyone seeking any political office. You want to run for office , it's on your dime pal. Then and only then will we see people whom are really motivated with a sense of public service seeking these offices. My union also has "An Out" for a portion of our dues not being collected for any Political Action Funding....It's in the same line as filing as a dues objector , it just doesn't place you on the outs with the Union to the same degree. T.J. accusses me of putting everyone in the same BOX when I spoke out against Brokers and Speculators getting in the middle of the Producers and End users of a product or service. OK...maybe I did , but by doing so it illustraits my point , that union are not the end all evil or remotely the single thing that drives up the costs of things or sends jobs overseas.
  9. I think the Patriots have had a long history of cheating and they need a nice wallop in the wallet to bring them back in line. Money seems to be the only thing some of these people really understand...hurt them with huge fines , suspensions or have the team taken away from it's current ownership if need be?
  10. OK...Thanks , but I didn't need a lesson on the wrong doings of the NAZI party in WWII. By your own assesment of things , you state and I agree with you to a point , that there is No Co-Existance with them. With that being the case in your minds eye and the the opinion of some others about. I asked you what your end game solution was? Hence I asked if your end all solution was a 'Re-Branding" of the Final Solution to achieve world peace? Instead of telling me your invisionment of a solution , I get a history lecture of known and documented fact. I'm not looking for knowledge I all ready obtained far earlier in life , I'm looking for your END GAME SOLUTION to this problem. Co-Existance not being an option was spoken by whom? Was this the Voice of the entire worlds population of Muslims? I hardly think so as I work with a few and they are literally ashamed of what a select few have done to hijack their religeon and their culture as a whole. I do not precieve any that I know in the first person account to be a threat to anything other than some of their co-workers whom can't keep up with them in terms of the quality of the they prodcue , work ethics and often punctuality. I don't see a one of them with a false sense of entitlement or looking for a free ride. AGAIN..This is the Select Few known to me...and I'm not saying all are wonderful , cuz we know that not to be true at all. If you were to travel abroad and countrymen X came up to you and starting giving you a ration about our past , present or future Presidents latest address or policy plans , would his words or policies be speaking for you anymore than some crackpot Cleric or Imam speaks for all in thier faith base? Simple....There is NO Blanket Solution to all this because the Ultimate Answer in beyond any degree of rational thought and something the average American and World Opinion would have no stomach for at all. I apologize for the Hijack of this thread fellows....but this is as it's been pointed out to be the General Discussion Forum and I had something to say , regardless if it fits anyone elses single minded narrative of the world in which we live or not. Go back to loading your 1911's and be ready to face the problems we have and foresee in good health ,long term peace and prosperity. Don't worry about the wrongfully accused 'Liberal" , my guns are loaded , numerous and backed by a person who knows all to well how to use them. I hope unlike some , that never becomes a necessary option again. It's not remotely glamerous as some of the un-initiated seem to think it is.
  11. Ok..so we go all Adolphus with our own rebranding of the final solution? Is that it? I just want to insure I'm reading you right in asking?
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