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  1. Back from the dead! Apparently life got real busy there for a bit. Lol! New kid, moving 3 states in 3 years, etc. Settled for the foreseeable future in Montana. I did finish the build, as well as add a few additional pieces.
  2. Finished my build,but can't seem to load pictures anymore? Did attachments change?
  3. More parts! Upper parts installed and barrel nut/handdguard on temporarily until I get a barrel.
  4. The Anderson upper arrived today. I found the Nikon P-223 3x at a local pawn shop for $59. It's very clean. Upper parts kit is next, then the barrel/gas block/handguard decision.
  5. Good point. I'm always looking for deals and buy most everything 2nd hand, I guess that is just transferring into this build. : ) I'll continue looking at the better barrels. What are the best brands? I hear a lot about Spikes, BlackHole, and BravoComp. Who else should I be looking at?
  6. What are your guys' opinions of this barrel? Seems legit and it is 100$ cheaper that the other ones I've been looking at. http://www.gmriflebarrel.com/gm-m8-16-m4-for-mid-length-gas-system-5-56-nato/#reviews
  7. Great idea! I'll do that next week.
  8. Thanks for all the ideas. Anderson stripped upper is on the way from http://www.aimsurplus.com/ Only place I could find one in stock; $39.99
  9. Thanks guys for the feedback. I will probably buy the Anderson upper continue the barrel search. Also, A2 front sight has dropped off the list as I might go FF forend. It seems the good modular drop=ins cost almost as much as the free floats. Or am I mssing something? http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/MI-18-SS-Series-Drop-In-Mid-Length-Two-Piece-Ha-p/mi-18ss.htm
  10. Not really even the color issue, but the fitment. With a machining background, I am concerned with the quality of parts fit. If this is truely a non-issue as I am learning then I am happy to buy any brand of quality.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I found this on another thread and am considering this as an option. http://www.surplusammo.com/black-hole-weaponry-ar-15-16-mid-length-stainless-steel-5-56-1-8-poly-barrel/ Thoughts?
  12. PS. My only real reason to have an Anderson Upper is to ensure good fit and asthetics. I'm will to consider others if this is a non-issue.
  13. As a new AR guy, my biggest concern is finding an upper receiver and barrel that will work well together (proper headpacing). Is it generally assumed that parts from the same manufacturer will be fine? I have already completely built up an Anderson lower and would like to match the upper to it. My plans for barrel are Mid-length gas in 5.56, 1-8, stainless or chrome-lined, A2 or Medium profile. Is there an affordable option out there that will mate well to an Anderson Upper? I plan on an adjustable gas block and detachable A2 front sight. I'm still considering the drop-in VS FF handguard decision. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the info. I found it, but it looks to only work with mil-spec stocks. I'll measure mine tomorrow and see. http://www.laruetactical.com/larue-tactical-risr-reciprocating-inline-stock-riser
  15. New member here building my first AR from scratch. Built up a stripped Anderson lower with PSA complete lower parts kit and Magpul grip and stock so far; looking at a flat top upper, 16" barrel, midlength gas system and handgaurd, and adjustable gasblock. Still researching brands/models. My question is whether the Magpul cheek riser will interfere with the stock fully collapsing. From pics I've seen it has to be fully extended to allow charging handle operation. Does any have a suggestion for a riser that doesn't interfere? Thanks
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