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  1. well finally got a chance to shoot this thing. It is a rem 700 adl in 243 win. I loaded a ladder of 100gr. speer spbt and h1000 powder starting at 44.0gr to 46.7gr in .3 gr. OAL was set at 2.760 bullets should be about 15 thousand off the lands. Groups ranged from 2 inches to the smallest of .547 at 44.3gr. there was a total of 4 groups that came in under an inch. Wish I could have chrono. these but when I got there the battery was dead in my chronoy { I hope}. Would like to work a little on the 46.4gr load it shot a .782in but should have better velocity than the others and since this is just a deer rifle and the once in while ground hog it doesn't have to shoot one hole groups. Overall I am very happy so far. Just got more testing to do. Thanks guys
  2. First thanks for the replys. I think i do need to shorten oal just a little to get some more bullet in the neck of the case. I was suprised i could even get to the lands and yes 2.775 will fit in the mag. But i think i need a little more in the case. Any way hoping to shoot this thing either wed. or thur.
  3. when building a ladder for a new to you toy, how far off the lands would you start. Book says OAL 2.650, but 2.775 just touches. It is a remington 700 in .243 shooting speer 100gr. spbt bullits.
  4. I have the Lee Classic 4 hole turret press with three heads set up for .38 spl., 40 s&w, and .223. All three have lee autodisk pro set ups on them, with the .223 having a double disk set up. works great for the pistol and range foder for the .223. Oh, I can easly turn 200 rounds an hour of pistol and real close to that on .223. Serves my purpose real well with out having to spend a fortune on tool heads and such. Now maybe if I shot more?
  5. not men't to taken the wrong way, but have NO USE FOR ANIMALS unless i can eat them.
  6. i am not a pervert, i am a provert, I'm good at it.
  7. 18 years loading .243 win., 3 years 38spl., 2 years 40 s&w, 1 year .223. Hey greg i am still putting in my time at the state pen. 21 yrs. 4 months so far. 8 yrs. 8 months to go then i will flatten out.
  8. loaded 400 rounds of 40sw this evening and debulged 1000 cases (curse of shooting a glock). Anyway just using up powder that i did not have much of for some range fodder.
  9. loaded 268 rounds for the wifes 38spl. (last of the lead bullets) and cleaned about 1000 pieces of brass for my 40 this evening.
  10. Got out late sunday evening and ran about 150 pistol rounds, just range stuff, no problems. Loaded a few rounds that my rifle likes and at 100 yards could not tell any difference with what i use. (cci) So far I like these primers. They are harder to get to flip over. But at $15 a 1000 cheaper i think i can put up with that. Will try to get some vel. numbers later.
  11. loaded 4 different loads of the sp this evening hoping to try them in the morning (rain). Have not had a chance to even load any the sr. dang does work get in the way of a good time. ha ha
  12. anyone tried the Sellier and Bellot primers? What are your thoughts. Oh, small pistol and small rifle. thanks
  13. hey greg, have 21 years in prison 9 more to go till i can get my intitlementsl can't wait. Loaded 100 38 spl. today just to have some thing to do and a reason to to do some more shooting
  14. if that is all it takes to be "antigun" then i seen a warehouse full of them at the last gun show I went to.
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