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  1. Time to revive an old thread. HaHa Greg, can you send me some load data as well? I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Just curious if anyone has tried this combo. It looks like it would work. What powder would anyone recommend? I'm using the 160's now.
  3. sil9mm

    BHW 204

    Not to highjack an old thread but I recently ordered another 204 bhw barrel I had a savage 204 factory heavy 26" and it loved the 39bk with varget. I could not get the 40vmax or bergers to shoot. I sure hope my new one will like the 39bk since I think I still have around 700 of them.
  4. I ordered my 7mm08 from bhw and am excited to get it. I have several bhw barrels already and they shoot awesome.
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