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  1. One of my ancestors from the Pennsylvania Militia was captured by the CSA and sent to Andersonville. He died there.
  2. Cant see them anymore. Way cool though
  3. Paging Jesse Smollet. Jesse Smollet, to the lobby please
  4. Running late! Morning y’all!
  5. Morning y’all...just got done watching Ted Cruz discuss gun control with actress Alyssa Milano and two other guys. Cruz has a piece of legislation he wrote with Grassley on background checks. I’ll read it soon
  6. We all know gun control is something Liberal Socialists use as a smoke screen to make it look like they’re doing something about inner City crime. You control crime by putting criminals in jail. They won’t do that though cause they risk alienating their inner City constituency. Have to stay in power, to collect pay for play. Just ask Hillary
  7. By the time we all recognize what has happened it will be basically too late to separate peacefully. The Immigration act of 1964 was a game changer. It changed the demographics of whom we were naturalizing. From Europeans with legit job skills to non Europeans with no job skills. Hate to say it but Reagan started a trend that continues today. The amnesty of 1986. 70 percent of illegals vote illegally in voter fraud for Democrats. Congress is based on population. Realistically, Trump will be the last Republican Conservative President we will ever see. We’ve been overrun. How did all of this happen? Republicans with no balls. Bob Dole of KS comes to mind. He said when Feinstein’s AWB came to vote, he’d filibuster it. When it did, Dole was no call, no show. Turned out later his Wife Liz ran for President as a Republican moderate, pro gun control. Stock up, get prepared.
  8. Mornin’ y’all!!!
  9. Doesn’t really matter what one thinks about Trump one way or another. This is for sure: he’s the last Conservative Caucasian President we will ever see. Why? Illegal and legal colonization from the 3rd world. Once naturalized, they vote for Democrats. When Conservatives figure that out, we’ll see what happens.
  10. Not cool to wish anyone i’ll will but the Liberals there need to go
  11. I have a real firearms retailer I deal with. The only reason why I’d go to Walmart is for ammo. Don’t need them for that either. May they feel pain like Dicks Sporting goods
  12. Russian collusion? Trump is not your man. Sleepy Joe and his kid Hunter is where to look.
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