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  1. Not sure about benefits, but the downside is they look goofy. I bought one on a whim and eventually painted it black.
  2. I've had a Romanian with the lever for several years. I used to be indecisive and would switch stocks a lot. One of the times the folder was off the rifle, I dropped it and it exploded. The pin and spring came out. Easy to put back together but I haven't used it since.
  3. There's a foot of snow here in Richmond. There was ice on my jeep, but the ground isn't frozen yet.
  4. The wife wants night sights for her Shield also. She's leaning towards the big dots, but I had them on an AK that I sold. They were pretty fast, but I had accuracy problems at distance due to the size of the dot. For a defensive handgun I guess that's fine. Either way I'd like to hear a range report.
  5. It just started raining here. I guess that new fence will have to wait (again) Looks like today will be xbox or shoot from inside the barn. The life of a broke farmer lol
  6. Well then, I guess I'll get some work done tomorrow and then shoot the rest of the week.
  7. When I mold a j frame, I have a short length of dowel rod cut in half lengthwise and milled to fit over the cylinder release. It creates a seemless opening around the cylinder without the need to reheat the the sweat shield.
  8. You'd be surprised what thieves will take. They stole some shovels and a water main tool from me.
  9. Ridgeback


    I've been lucky about that. Even when I lived in Louisville I had a place to shoot in Bullitt County. I haven't shot at a range in probably 5 or 6 years. I'm working on a dedicated range here, but I can't work until the weather clears.
  10. Ridgeback


    I shoot almost every day out here lol
  11. Ridgeback


    I moved here to get away from the ghetto. Got a farm on top of a mountain.
  12. It was so cold here a couple weeks back that my bar oil wasn't coming out good enough.
  13. Ridgeback


    Louisville. Before that it was Bullitt County.
  14. Yup. Replace billionaire with unemployed fat guy living in an airstream and suddenly all the bored housewives are no longer into s&m.
  15. Ridgeback


    Any members in or near Richmond? I'm relatively new to the area.
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