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  1. Hello Gentleman, JFife SRT8Driver TackleberryMCS hlhneast Spider Man You have provided me with a good list of possibilities in 5.56 & .223 & I 'm checking into this in more details. I really appreciate the information. I know in the AR15 platform there are many ammo to choose from however there are some that can give good results for long distance, hunting and MOA at 100 & 200 yards. I have some research to go do & might try all of themn & see which one or one's give me good results. Thanks, astro16
  2. Hello Nwatson99, I will check on IMI and I appreciate the information. Thanks, astro15
  3. Hello Again JFife, I will check PMC and IMI. Thanks, astro15
  4. Hello JFife, That would be a great way, however a little expensive going this route however a good way to approach it. I appreciate the information. Thanks, astro15
  5. Hello Srgt. Hulka, Federal ammo, I will check on this however; its in 223 and not 5.56. I appreciate the information. Thanks, astro15
  6. Hello Everyone, I would like to know if anyone can inform me what are good brands of ammo for my Ruger AR15. I have seen other post with many name brands like Wincherster, Remington, Hornady and much more. I would like to know if there are any specific brands that would work best compared to others? or is this one of those sayings "As long as you stay with the common name brands you will be alright". Any information will be appreciated. astro15
  7. Hello devil duck, Nice to meet you and Thanks for your comments. I have not fired a single shot yet. I am still waiting for the rifle bag to arrive from Hogue since it was on back order. It will arrive this week then I will zero in at the rifle range. I was planning invest in an ACOG scope however, I looked at them was not really incline . Besides the invested was a little too high for what I wanted and just decided to stay with EoTech for now. I believe I made the right choice. I was going top ask if this is the right forum to ask about trigger system. I might put trigger system. Any suggestions? Thanks, astro15
  8. Hi Everyone, Here are some more details close-up photos of the rifle on a portable rest from MJM. Thanks, astro15.
  9. Hello Retcop, Nice to here from you. I appreciate your comments. it looks good now I have to take it to the range and Zero in . Thanks, astro
  10. Hello Dark Profit, Nice to meet you, and I appreciate you comments. I like it just way it for now and maybe in the near future I will build one from scratch lie they say. Not hard just some knowledge. Thanks, astro15
  11. Hello Righttobeararms, I appreciate your comments, Yes I will blow up the pics a little as soon as I get home tonight or tomorrow. I'm still trying to learn how to put some pics on this site. A little different from other websites. Yes,the magnifier is a G33 from EoTech. I believe the G33 is great and the great thing about it when you are not using it, you can like they say. "swing it" to your right hand side when not using it with the holographic sight. I choose this sight because of its reputation, quality, and usage.I was thinking of a Trijicon ACOG scope, however, that would not be practical to have, and the EoTech setup is just fine with me. Many people say that that is the top of the line because the military use them. Thanks, astro15
  12. Hello Belt Fed, Nice to hear from you . Yes, I 'm new at navigating this forum and getting use to it. I believe it will do just like it is, and I appreciate your comments. Thanks, astro15.
  13. Here are the Images of my New AR15. Thanks, astro15
  14. Hello Everyone, Here is my finished AR15 rifle. I believe its complete for now. Let me know you thoughts, comments on this. It has parts that I invested from different manufacturer. *Gear *MagPul *Troy *ATI *Blue Force *ProMag I need to invest on a rifle rest. I have seen some that are very good from what I heard and will also be good for my pistols to zero in. I seen Caldwell, Primos Group, Champion, MTM K -Zone and some more. I have not done any research yet however I will have very soon. I'm new at this if the images do not post please go to my gallery and take a look.
  15. Hello Belt fed, I sent you two images. Yes, Its a beauty indeed. Thanks, astro15
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