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  1. I tried to relist a product that I have been selling on eBay for almost a year and suddenly a note popped saying, “Prohibited Firearm Part." It was the same listing I always used and nothing had changed so time to call eBay. The first individual I spoke with from eBay informed me I could have my account suspended if I tried to list the product again and I responded by informing the individual that I was a hair from closing my 19 year old account. Since the first individual wasn't any help I requested to speak to someone higher up. I was connected to another individual who sounded identical to the first individual but they had a different name. After going through the explanation merry-go-round again the second eBay representative transferred me to another individual who must have been eavesdropping to have known what they knew. The third individual placed me on hold and came back to tell me to remove the letters AR from the heading of my listing. The same AR that had been in the heading of all my previous listings was suddenly the cause for my listing being prohibited. There is nothing worse than having to hold your nose to do business with eBay or any other business but for now that's the way it is. Hopefully my exchange of ideas with eBay might be an incentive for them to change their policy of AR discrimination. If not, when the day comes I do not need them any longer it's Adios.
  2. A couple of years ago I spoke with a machinist from Tactiko Arms and he said if they did not manufacture a little loose their upper receivers would only fit around 2 out of 7 various brand lowers. My last build was Anderson/Anderson and receiver fit was acceptable. I had a too loose unknown upper receiver on an LRB lower and purchased an Aero Precision upper receiver and the fit was much better. It appears upper and lowers from the same manufacturer seem to fit acceptable whereas mismatched receivers can range from near perfect to too loose. I sometimes order RRA components and they have a great catalog.
  3. Thanks for reminding me of that. I once had a link showing the epoxy applied to the lower receiver and could not locate it again. Below is an interesting AMU link... http://thecmp.org/training-tech/shooting-tips-from-the-usamu-service-rifle-team/usamu-faqs-equipment-and-ammunition/
  4. It seems the BATF made a bureaucratic snafu...http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/03/09/atf-does-about-face-on-ammo-ban-calls-it-publishing-mistake/
  5. You should cease searching for ways to turn a wrong into a right. Give them a call and be honest about it.
  6. IMO...The best fitting receivers have zero wobble and the takedown pin has a slight drag when pushed or pulled. Trying to find a pair of receivers like that requires good luck or a trip to the bank and a visit to Les Baer Custom. Some manufacturers such as RRA have tightened up their receivers and they say an Accu-Wedge is not needed for their rifles, March 2014 Catalog, page 74. Installing an Accu-Wedge can be made easier by applying automotive bulb grease or other slippery lube to the upper receiver lug. An Accu-Wedge will not eliminate receiver side to side twist however it works well as a buffer. As for pressure to compress an Accu-Wedge, avoid using force on the upper receiver overhang above the charge handle. A way to determine the amount of space or slack between receivers is to use .002" to .010" automotive blade style feeler gauges. Visually verify the chamber is cleared, open the receivers and lay a .002" gauge across the lower above the safety, close receivers. If the takedown pin drags on a .002" gauge or won't push though probably means receiver fit is good. On the other hand if the takedown pin drops through on a .010" gauge that's a problem. Search for the gauge thickness that places a slight drag on the takedown pin. Mil-spec pins should measure .248"; anything less needs to be replaced. Armalite has .251" oversize NM pivot pins and for some reason they no longer offer the .251" NM takedown pins. Shim washers are available to remove slack for receivers with narrow pivot pin lugs. JP makes a tension takedown pin that works but it's expensive. Some people bed the upper receiver lug with epoxy and some install a screw through the receivers for competitive shooting at Camp Perry, etc. Full auto/tri burst rifles produce a more desirable shot pattern with some receiver slack. Basically shooters with lightweight home defense rifles can tolerate more slack while shooters with top heavy competitive/scoped rifles cannot. I also manufacture products to tighten receivers however the rules say I need 299 more posts before I can sell on this site. If you stumble across receiver tightening products you've never seen before you probably found them. This is a very nice forum and it's also easy on the eyes.
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