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  1. Looks good rukadore any comments on what all you did, pretty new to this any help would be appreciated.
  2. ALG


    same receiver but my has HBAR not target
  3. ALG


    can't see for sure on your picture, but mine does not have a bayonet lug.
  4. ALG


    yes it does Belt Fed
  5. ALG


    Thanks to everyone especially for the welcome, and for the answers. I'll have to look in my records I can't remember when I bought it. I did remove the hand guard and can not find any markings of any kind. Really confusing. Again thanks for all the help and if anyone comes up with something new I would appreciate the help as I learn about my old (new) rifle.
  6. need some help guys. I've had this rifle for a long time. Bought it brand new and have not shot it much, maybe a couple hundred rounds and it's just been sitting in the gun safe. Any way I want to start shooting it more and have noticed the controversy over the .223 and 5.56. Mine is marked Sporter Match HBAR .223 on the receiver but has no barrel markings is that common? What ammo should I buy or does it matter?
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