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  1. So much fail in this post that I do not even know where to begin. But here goes. First off CNC is not required, you do not even need a mill of any type. There is no heat treating involved. Finishing is as simple as a spray can of any one of the various gun finishes that are widely available. Gun-Kote, Duracoat, cerracoat, alumahyde et al. If you start with a forged 7075-Ts mil-spec lower and can follow simple instructions you will end up with a receiver that is identical in all respects to a 100% receiver.
  2. The first reviews are starting to come in on the new jigs. All the feedback has been nothing short of spectacular. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT Posted by Nick on 23rd Dec 2015 In researching AR jigs, I found that this is probably one of the best out there. The "Heavy Duty" jig has hardened steel inserts that, if used properly, according to the instructions, will last for prolonged use. I like the included depth gauge and the fact that a router is used for the milling operation rather than a drill press as is the case with many of Modulus's competitors. A drill press is great for drilling, but does not make a good "mill". I like the fact that the jig is adaptable to any manufacturer's Mil Spec lower. The company (Modulus Arms) has great customer service and their product is very high quality. I would definitely recommend their Heavy Duty jig to anyone who desires to mill their own 80% lower receivers . THIS IS THE JIG YOU WANT! Posted by Phil in NC on 23rd Dec 2015 After doing a bit of research, I decided the Modulus Arms Heavy Duty Universal Jig was the way to go. The jig arrived one day earlier than estimated, which was great. I was impressed with the jig right out of the box. A couple of friends have jigs from other companies, and this jig is a much better design. The extra-wide top plate is the most obvious improvement over other designs, providing an extremely stable "interface" for your router. I ordered a Modulus Arms 80% AR15 lower with my jig and it fit perfectly. As a comparison, I installed a stripped lower from another company in the jig. It also fit with no issues. I have read some reviews of this jig that complained about the large amount of screws used to hold the jig together and how long it takes to change plates, etc. This may be a problem if you are trying to crank out several lowers an hour (lol), but since my "production rate" is a modest 4-5 lowers a year, I appreciate the added stability of having enough screws to properly hold the jig and lower in position. Compared to a friend's jig from another company, it probably takes five minutes longer to change plates with the Modulus. If five minutes is an issue with you, you probably should be using a program-able CNC machine instead of a jig! I was able to complete my lower in less than two hours at a very leisurely pace. I am a technical writer (and aircraft mechanic) and I found the instructional video and written instructions to be top-notch! I'm pretty sure that time will be cut in half on the next lower I do. The lower looks great. I'll review the lower once I start assembly, but so far, the results are impressive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a little mechanical apptitude and the ability to follow instructions. It's fun to build your own AR15. It's even more fun to build it from a lower receiver you finished yourself! Great job, Modulus! SOLID Posted by Unknown on 12th Dec 2015 Solid jig. Arrived and it looks to be quality. Haven't used it but can't wait. BEST UNIVERSAL JIG Posted by Ibbs on 12th Dec 2015 I have used both ar15 jigs they have. This jig is more durable due to the steel inserts. This jig works great if you want to use a drill press and move the mill vice instead of using a router. Well worth the money. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD JIG Posted by Jeff on 12th Dec 2015 The jig is great easy to use works perfectly. LOOKS GREAT! CAN'T WAIT TO PUT IT TO GOOD USE! Posted by Robert Taylor on 8th Dec 2015 Just received my heavy duty jig. I took advantage of the special which included the tool kit for free. Sweet! I mounted it to a known-good lower and everything lines up perfectly. The steel bushings will allow multiple uses without appreciable wear. Can't wait to put it to use. BEST JIG ON THE MARKET Posted by Mike on 2nd Dec 2015 Hands down this is THE BEST jig out on the market right now for completing an 80% lower using a handheld trim router. Prior to this jig coming out I was debating between getting the Modulus original jig or the Tactical Machining jig. The universal capability of the Modulus jig was a huge selling point, but I also liked how the TM had drill guides....but with the TM you had to buy an additional router plate which drove the cost up and narrowed the field. The ONLY critique I have on this product is that I wish there was a way to have an 308AR/AR10 conversion for this jig, but I don't see how that's possible based on its construction.
  3. Tech rep for Modulus Arms

  4. http://www.modulusarms.com/solid-carbide-end-mill-bit/
  5. I use them exclusively. I bought a box of 25 for a couple of bucks a few years ago and still have some left.
  6. The PG screw is a plain old everyday, garden variety 1/4-28x1" bolt. It is nothing special and can be found at any hardware store with a variety of head styles, Allen, slotted, hex, torx take your pick. But if you choose allen, it's going to take a 3/16" allen wrench.
  7. I don't know where the 5/32 came from, every 1/4" allen head bolt I've ever run across takes a 3/16"
  8. The response we received on these was overwhelming. We have sold out the first batch, but have more being machined as we speak. The feedback that I have received from those who have got their jigs already has been terrific, they love it.
  9. Last day to take advantage of free tool kit offer!!!
  10. Very possible, this thing is built like a tank.
  11. Wait no longer it is here. http://www.modulusarms.com/black-friday-deal-heavy-duty-ar-15-jig-plus-free-jig-fab-kit/
  12. Find a rifle kit/complete upper that is equipped exactly how you want it. As soon as you start changing out parts, any savings will go right out the door. Deal with a reputable vendor. I really like Brownells and Midway. A quick search at midway returned 138 complete uppers, at least one of them must have everything you are looking for. http://www.midwayusa.com/upper-receiver-assemblies/br?cid=11625
  13. Different weight bullets perform better with different twist rates. What is your intended use and what weight bullets will you use primarily?
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