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  1. If someone made a 9mm bolt to fit a standard AR type carrier it would be nice. Cryptic coatings not yet doing 9mm bolts. An amorphous carbon carrier would be nice for ultimate anti wear, etc...
  2. When the next batch is done will have 3 in mystic black (amorphous carbon). Will be sure to post updates.
  3. liking the mystic black coated BCG's http://www.crypticcoatings.com/
  4. tons of dedicated 9mm BCG's out there, all seem to be ramped for standard AR hammers. Have also seen machine work offered to ramp an existing bolt. So, I guess I could purchase the BCG of my choice, and replace the bolt with one ramped for 9mm ??
  5. http://www.crypticcoatings.com/bolt-carrier-group-coatings/
  6. Noob myself. Was told if building for self, build as quality as possible. If on a budget put the dollars into the major moving parts of the receiver (BCG). I am looking at Cryptic Coatings (mystic black), but dreaming of titanium/mystic black. In any event good luck with the build.
  7. As I'm sure will be obvious I am a noob. know damn near nothing on some things, and a fair bit on others as I am studying myself crazy. 5 lowers soon to arrive, and seeking all the knowledge on good parts. lots of grade levels on some things. Just looked at BCG's that ranged from <100.00 to 475.00. guessing this is going to take a lot of study to build quality w/o breaking the bank. We'll be talking...............
  8. Standard bcg for 9 mm, or will there be major changes? Guessing at least the bolt itself?
  9. Thanks for the welcomes. CC was used and will be called. Then we move forward with building a few.
  10. Since I am a new user, short on time, and cannot yet use the "search" function, who can tell me what happened to "Advanced Rifles" ???? They have my money. I have no lowers. It's been months. Website and FB page have disappeared. Any knowledge greatly appreciated.
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