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  1. I have read that the inertia from heavy bullets will back out of the brass and cause problems. Am thinking that the magazine itself will limit OAL from getting longer. Desert Rat 53
  2. Several reloading manuals recommend taper crimping heavier bullets for 5.56 or 223 Rem. I am not quite understanding how this is accomplished with non-cannelured projectiles. DesertRat53 is puzzled.
  3. Using full power 5.56 ammo runs the new build really well. All I have ever loaded was target loads for XTC matches for the H-Bar. Now to learn how to load 5.56 ammo.
  4. You are a virtual warehouse of knowledge Sgt.Hulka. Thanks!
  5. they are all trimmed...if they aren't trimmed, the neck will stick out to far out of the other end of the gage, I am referring to the rim not fitting into the case length die.
  6. Having sizing die set up and locked in tight, am sizing brass. Why do some brass go in the case length gage 100%, and others not so much? They are all run through the same die set up the same way. Shouldn't it all be uniform? Is it possible that some rim diameters are larger than others preventing them from being inserted 100%?
  7. I bought some XM193's, are they appropriate for said testing?
  8. Well I'll be horn toaded.....never knew that. I hope some local outlets have some of that ammo. Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated. Desert Rat 53
  9. I will have to buy some factory ammo tomorrow and try again. Empties looked alright.....24 grains of AR Comp and 55 gr fmj's Mixture of LC brass and factory
  10. Handloads work in my Colt H-Bar all day long.
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